Want a grandchild, your daughter won't provide one? Hire a rapist!

(Yeah, I know, another rape thread.)

You know parents who keep bugging their children about producing grandchildren? Well, one mother has taken it to a new extreme:

Mom ‘hires’ man to rape her daughter

I pit you, you pathetic, worthless excuse for a mother. Have you absolutely no consideration for your daughter’s desires? Do you really rate the chance of having a grandchild as more important than your daughter’s suffering at the hands of a rapist, and her stress from the mental and physical consequences? Are you really that stupid?

And you, you shitstain of a rapist-for-hire, you can’t escape the pitting either. What kind of a sociopath are you, to be willing to do such a thing?

The only way this could be worse is if she winds up actually getting pregnant, giving the mother what she wants.

Those fucking muslims, cant they do anything besides rape?

For every rape, you should at least try to get in an hour’s worth of pillaging, man. Diversify.

I thought Rape Month was over, now that our collective rage has moved back to the evil and horror that is Christianity.

Ha! I can just see it - the stupid reports asking her. “Do you think this is a digrace?” And she’s all…“Um yes, of course it is indeed a disgrace. Are you fucking nuts?” The latter part she probably just said in her head.

How did that quote even get in there? What normal person doesn’t think it’s a disgrace?

It’s South Africa. Just sayin’

It’s a part of their culture that we must understand and accept, and not to do so would make us closed-minded bigots. And besides, Americans have done much worse things, like killing innocent civilians in Iraq, so who are we to judge?

Saying… what, exactly?

Is this a whoosh, or a reference to some thread I haven’t read, or something like that?

She needed a grandson to shovel her sidewalk.

They’re rapin’ EVERYBODY over there!

That he’s a bigoted RW moron.

It’s trolling, that’s all.

This was a pretty shitty thing to have happen. I mean, your own mom? It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that there was a “sexuality correcting” element to this, too. But that writer’s quote about “only God can get you pregnant” at the end was just unnecessary in a news story.

At least if the victim is pregnant, we have relatively sane abortion laws, unlike … some countries. And she’s likely on ARVs aready, so the odds against HIV infection are good. She just needs a new mom…

I’m hoping this is just a badly misfired joke.

Where the fuck did you infer “Muslim” from all of that?! :confused::confused:

I think February is Bad-Tempered Bitching Month, so pretty much anything goes.

What, you mean countries like Ireland or Romania?

Well we sure showed them! Let’s do a superior dance!!

We are all agreed that this was a bad thing, right?

I assume he was just trying to parody the current “barbaric Muslims” threads, like [thread=595918]this one[/thread], by pointing out that these kinds of crimes don’t only happen in Muslim cultures. Obviously it fell flat.

Chessic Sense, OTOH, does appear to believe this is only business as usual for South African culture. I will only say that when the subject is South Africa, I trust MrDibble much more than I trust Chessic Sense. elmwood I’m not too sure, but it’s sort of in keeping with his “anti-anti-American” schtick.


Oh come on, dont all gang up on me like that or I’ll open another rape thread.

What was “mom” going to do if the daughter ended up having a girl??? :eek:

Mom could have just had a cousin rape her and then lashed her…oh wait, wrong thread