Mother's Day, made Mom cry = Score!! Is that wrong?

Is it wrong that I feel like I scored because I made m Mom cry? :smiley:

Just got an emial from my Mom:

  • Beautiful flowers! And thank you for the card. It made me cry. (in a good way)*
    Somevody please tell me they feel the same way when they get the same reaction out of their Mother. I can’t be alone in this!

I used get the same feeling whenever this happens with my Sis, GFs or my ex-wife.

Crying seems to be a manifestation of deeply felt emotions. If they’re positive emotions - like seeing your kid be born, or getting a mother’s day card with a nice expression of love in it - then that’s a good thing, innit? If feeling like you “scored” for having induced such a deeply positive state in someone you love is just a sense of accomplishment, I don’t see anything wrong with that.

Congratulations on making your mother cry (in a good way) on Mother’s Day. Score! :slight_smile: