Mothers day

Happy Mother’s day to all the mothers whose child died in a car wreck,was murdered, disappeared, raped, committed suicide, etc etc

Oh what a happy day it must be.

And let’s not forget the kids whose mothers are addicted to drugs, in jail, or are physically and mentally abusive to them.

If you have a normal loving relationship with your mother, you don’t need a “special” day to show it.

This day must be torture to thousands of people.

Except Hallmark and flower stores.

Yeah, I hate this day, too. Many years I’ve spent Mother’s Day in bed because I couldn’t face the world. There’s so much pain for so many people.

My mom is a selfish, vindictive, petty bitch and I hate her. I live five minutes away and still never visit her, because I’m fucking tired of hearing her complain about President Obama’s middle name, or how she wishes Jesus would come back soon because OMG TEH GAYS.

And unlike my father, who gradually evolved from a great person to an angry piece of shit, my mom was always one. When I was a kid, she once bought my sister a toy only to immediately smash it and break it right in front of her face to teach her a lesson about…I don’t know…asking for toys?

Happy Mother’s Day, you worthless shitstain of a parent.

So because some mothers are bad mothers and some have a tragic experience of motherhood, the vast majority of mothers and children for whom it is a joy and blessing must not be allowed to celebrate it. Got it. :frowning:

Bah! Humbug!

The only holiday that I can think of that is not weighed down by emotional baggage is Halloween. There’s no “shoulds” in Halloween. No hurt feelings, no relived traumas, no guilt-trips or shame expositions, no solemn “rememberences”. No anxieties. Just fun and candy.

When I become Queen, I’ll give people permission to celebrate Halloween in lieu of whatever holiday sticks in their personal craw.

Nobody said you shouldn’t be able to celebrate it, but reading doesn’t seem to be your strong suit. I blame your mother.

Oh, sure. This is just a giant fuck you to us nyctophobic diabetics who are allergic to latex.

Oh, but wait! You forgot the people who had loving and loved mothers who are now dead! Today must really suck for them, too, right?!

(Or, maybe, they’re adults who get that life and people aren’t perfect, and take the time to reflect on what they did like about the person who brought them into this world.)

I am voting for you.

On the same day as Mothers’ Day, we also schedule a wild sex Saturnalia. That should be some consolation for the OP’s discontents. And also any who are on the fence, including no few moms.

Someone’s upset that the strip clubs are closed, eh?

Tell that to Michael Myers.

I once had a landlady who told me that she and her husband did not celebrate Halloween because years ago she had suffered a miscarriage on Halloween. While I’m sure this was a very tragic and sad event for them, she still allowed her five-year-old son to dress up and go trick-or-treating around the neighbourhood. And they attended Halloween parties. Her not-celebrating consisted of not handing out candy to neighbourhood kids.

I still don’t understand her logic there.

She was cheap.

Actually, I think the OP is in poor taste if not crass.

365 days out of the year and THIS is the day you choose to bitch about your mommy issues?

Seriously, grow the fuck up.

“Torture”? You’re like one of those retards who describes a county jail as a “gulag” aren’t you? Try having your fingernails ripped off with pliers or being waterboarded with carbonated beverages or being locked into “tiger cages” and then compare it to your pathetic mommy issues.

And the vast, VAST majority of normal people*. Like Mother’s Day or hate it (and the lady who ‘invented’ it came to loathe it’s commercialization), anyone who hides under their blanket from the “torture” that is Mother’s Day is a pathetic loser who needs serious counseling or a goth/emo douche who likes theatrically wallowing in their so-called dark-pain. Either way, get the fuck over it.
*people who, regardless of their relationships with their mommies, good or bad, don’t curl up into a fetal position, sucking their thumb at the idea that other people enjoy a celebration.

Today was likely painful for clones.

And that bitch Heather has two mommies! What the fucking fuck?!



Seriously, grow some fucking skin, douche.