Motto translation to Latin help

I’m making a t-shirt for strategy gamers and I want to translate the following to Latin: “Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate.”

There are two important criteria. More than accuracy, I want it to be recognizable, and all the words need to start with “ex.”

So, looking up word origins, my first pass is “Explorare, Expandere, <Something>, Exterminare” which looks great given my criteria, but I’d like to know if it’s a decent translation, and what should I use for Exploit?

Thanks in advance.

Just by logical construction wouldn’t it be “explotare”?

ETA. I checked and there is no such word in Latin. sorry.

Is that actually Latin? From what I’ve been able to discover, the other words are. Even if it isn’t, it’s a decent word to use if nothing more accurate fits.

Those are all in the infinitive (ie., “to explore”, “to expand”).

You want the imperative: Explorate, Expandate, X, Exterminate.

ETA: There’s no direct analogue for “exploit”. The closest thing I can think is facio, facere, which primarily means “use” or “make”. The imperative form is Facete.

Double ETA: Pronunciation would be “exploratay, expandatay, fackatay, exterminatay”. Sounds cool, but it probably won’t look very clever on your shirt.

“Explodere” means to expel (a person) with much noise.

“Explicare” means to unfold or develop.

“Expellere” means to expel

“Experiri” means to try, to experiment.

“Expandere” means to expand,

“Exire” means to go out, leave.

Eximere to take out

Exhibere to show

exhaurire to empty of water

exstinguere to extinguish

exprimere to express

“Exploit” comes from “explicitus/a/um”, a noun, which means “a fixed idea” or a “final thing”.

ETA: One of the meanings of “exercere” is to employ or exploit, and it fits your “ex” vision. Imperative form is Exercerete, pronounced “exerserraytay”.

That’s got potential, using the idea of exploiting resources – taking them out of the ground.

That’s good too.