will you translate a phrase to latin?

Could someone, some very cool someone who speaks latin, do me a favor? If you could translate “From spite, nobility” and “From spite, greatness” into latin, I’ll be your best friend. You’re not doing my homework - I’m working for a group that needs a pretentious-sounding motto. :slight_smile:

Ex invidiae, ingenuus.*

Ex invidiae, magnitudo.
*nobilitas means “born into a noble family.” I would not use it to indicate the character of nobility.

Thanks, tomndebb! Er…don’t suppose some one could tel me how to pronounce this properly? :slight_smile:


Ex invidiae, ingenuus.

Classical Roman: ex in-WEE-dee-eye in-GENN-you-oos.
(That’s /eye/ as in /eyeball/. That’s a hard /g/ as in /get/. And /oos/ rhymes with puss.)

Ecclesiastical/Medieval: ex in-VID-dee-ay in-JENN-you-oos.
(That’s /ay/ as in /day/.)
Ex invidiae, magnitudo.

Classical Roman: ex in-WEE-dee-eye mahg-nih-TOO-doe.
(That’s /eye/ as in /eyeball/. That’s a hard /g/ as in /bog/. And /TOO/ rhymes with sue.)

Ecclesiastical/Medieval: ex in-VID-dee-ay mah-nyee-TOO-doe(That’s /ay/ as in /day/.)