Mount St Helens - Not All Federal Agencies Are Stuffy

He first appeared two years ago. He’s back, but probably won’t remain there much longer today.

Next Tuesday is the 30th anniversary. Coincidence?

Color me confused. Who is this “he” you are referring to?

Probably the little gnome statue in front of the camera.

Oh, I guess my phun philter at work won’t allow that :slight_smile:

I see no such thing. . .

I guess he didn’t remain there - I don’t see it, either.

He’s already gone.

Perhaps they had been using a gnomonic projection, and replaced it with an orthagonal one? :smiley:

“He” must be related to that South-American gnome thing those kids filmed a little while back.

When I went to the newer visitors’ center about ten years ago, the clouds were so thick you couldn’t see the mountain. I thought it was hilarious when the movie they showed ended, the last shot of the movie was a shot of the mountain, and then the screen pulled away to show a giant window so we could see… nothing, absolutely nothing.

I can’t see shit! Oh, it’s 1 AM.

I look at that cam almost every day. it’s often a pretty view and it’s interesting to watch the lava dome grow over time.

I enjoyed the gnome for the short time he was there. I suspect it was playful visitors, not the workers.


Attack of the giant fly!

Well, it is the same effect they used in old monster movies…

No coincidence at all. The same date comes around every year.

I can’t read the thread title without thinking of a song I heard (possibly on Dr. Demento) with the refrain She’ll come like Mt. Saint Helens when she comes!