Mountain Dope Delayed!

Sorry to say it folks, but after discussing it with Lady Chance we’ve decided to delay Mountain Dope until probably July sometime.

Those paying attention will know why and, I hope, understand.

Man, I’m sorry. Best of luck to y’all and I’m sure it will all pull together…

Here’s hoping your real-life people are as easy to get in touch with as your online people are, so that moving the day won’t cause you any more hassle than you already have in your life.

So, um… what time do you want us there? :smiley:

As I posted in the other thread, I hope all turns around soon. I’m sure it will.

Of course we understand, Jonathan. We look forward to seeing you when things are more settled.

You know, there are more important things in life than throwing parties. You take care of those things and we’ll show up and make a mess a little later.

Just please remember to NOT schedule for the weekend of July 27. I don’t think our wedding can compete with a JC party.

Yeah, you know it.

Really, I don’t think it’ll take all that long. But I don’t have the time and effort to devote to party planning.

I think I’ll have to keep bumping this sucker. Feel free to participate.

With apologies to all I’m going to bump this. I don’t want people to show up without us being here.

Or perhaps we could discuss what everyone would like for food and games during the heat of a Blue Ridge summer when Mountain Dope WILL occur.

And trust me…it will.

Ooh, sorry about your recent turn of events. If it’s in July, due to some life events of our own, Bill and I most likely won’t be able to make it. Bummer.

I’m sure everyone here understands the situtation, Jonathan, and I’d just like to join in in wishing you the best of luck.

Oh, hey look! You got my (2nd) 200th post!


Sorry to hear this, Jonathan, but it’s an ill wind indeed, that blows no good. Jenn and I will now likely be able to make it, with the changed date.

JC Your plan is working. Medea’s Child will now have an extra month or so to realize what a lizard she has in her so and beg me to drive her to your mountainfest in July?

Thanks! The check is in the mail.


I haven’t been following what has been going on, and I hope it isn’t anything too bad!! However I’m really happy that this is delayed… the original date was when my mom will be in town.

Lady Chance (on her way out the door this morning) suggested water balloons for a summer dope. Trust me, it can get brutally hot up here close to the sun.

Now about the T-Shirts, ladies…