VA/DC/MD/PA/WV/DE 6/8/02 Mountain Dope!!!

Yes, you heard right!

Lady Chance and I are throwing another rip roaring soiree in the Blue Ridge Mountains!

This time we’re thinking of featuring a dance floor and a DJ to keep things lively!

And possibly even a BBQ cooker right there.

Vegetarian Dopers? We’re there for you. Previous attendees will back me up, right?

So who’s with me here?

And don’t forget all the marrying dopers in the region. Here’s hoping we can get some people to make tribute to them as well.

So how 'bout it? Am I spinning my wheels here? Who’s interested in Mountain Dope?

Sing out, people! Sing out!

The timing looks about right to me…

It’s kinda far down-range, but it looks like Jenn and I can make it.

The Blues clan will definitely be there! For all you Dopers out there who have never been…you do not want to miss this party.

I guess I can be there. It’ll make for a nice ride, maybe I’ll take the Blue Ridge Parkway and not 81. Sounds like fun.

Oooh, if I’m back in Philadelphia for the summer I might be able to make this.

I’m in, providing I’m not out of town that weekend.

I’m in, providing Geobabe’s not out of town that weekend.

Whoa, a cheerful heads up to those thinking the Blue Ridge only extends way south in Virginia!

Note that it’s also the border between Virginia and West Virginia up near Harper’s Ferry.

And that’s approximately where we are, about 8-10 miles south of Harpers Ferry, WV.

So we’re E-Z accessible from Baltimore, Washington and even Pittsburgh or Philly. No worries at all!

Keep those answers coming!

Can Raleigh or other Carolininians show up too?


Sounds good to me…especially after the Halloween party but without costumes!! Pencil me in.

Put on the calendar. Might be tough to make, what with a little little one in tow (along with the little one.)


Along with The Littlest Doper[sup]TM[/sup], the Doper Yet To Arrive will be a bit less than 2 months old.

I’ve been to the last two of your parties, JC, and there’s no way I’m missing this one if I can help it!!

I and the SO will be there. The Halloween party was a complete hoot! Going dressed as regular people will be a relief for the SO.

I’d love to come.

I may require pickup or for everyone to put up with my SO. (He’s a dear, really…just a bit…Republican…)

But yea, schedule permitting I’ll be there.

Debij and I will set aside the time. We would love to meet everybody.

I’ll see what I can do about getting down there for this one. I missed out on Halloween, I certainly don’t want to miss out on this one.

And I can’t miss seeing RT again. Uh-uh. Even if I don’t have a dollar bill inducing top on this time! :smiley:

Is this 6-year-old-able?

Where are the blue ridge mountains?

How expensive would this be?

Some individual responses…

Lucretia, as always the entire clan is welcome to come. We look forward to seeing you.

Tranquilis it’s really not a long drive at all. Trust me. Even Mapquest doesn’t think it’s all that far and you know how THEY are.

Edward the Head as previously mentioned it’s an easy drive. Ask around!

** ResIpsaLoquitor ** I hope you’re around in time to make it!

Geobabe and UncleBill, could I tempt you with some butt-shakin’ groove-action? And maybe that special song just for you two?

aenea, Carolinians are usually welcome. But they have to be on their best behavior. :smiley: We’ve had people attend from Texas, New York and even Sweden in the past.

dcnewsman , you know you love wearing costumes. Admit it!

Spritle, they can travel. We took Baby Kate down to DC when she was 9 days old (pease porridge in the pot…)

RTF, your attendance is, of course, de rigeur. But, remember, it’s not a DopeFest!

gobear, it will be a great pleasure to see you again. And this time you won’t look dead.

** Medea’s Child **, your SO is more than welcome. And you only think he’s republican. The true conservatives live in the mountains. Ask Aguecheek about the convenience store I took him to last Halloween.

Reeder, it will be a pleasure to meet you.

TP, trust me. You missed more than you know,

Opalcat, it’s definitely a kid-friendly event. We entertain the kids and even have a play set out back. Baby Kate has to play hostess to someone after all!

Is that it so far? Sound off!

I can’t let this go by…

Attending our parties cost our guests nothing but their time and the gas to get here. For reasons I’ve explained too often I would never charge a guest. Maybe an enemy.

And, Opal…for you we’re about 25-30 miles. Up 28 to the Greenway. Then up Route 7 to 9. Then 10 miles up route 9 and you’re there.

Always room for a Virginian!

NOW you tell me. I’ll have to see what I can do about getting down there this time, then. Most definitely.