VA/DC/MD/PA/WV/DE 6/8/02 Mountain Dope!!!

I was thinking of time, not distance.

I frequently drive to Decatur, Il. It takes me two days, on average. I think your place will be no challenge for the wheels, It’s only what events and interruptions may occur during the intervening two and a half months that concern me…

Hmmm…well, I suffered through a 10-hour bus ride for Dope-A-Ween, so maybe I can drive down. (Having a car rules!) It all depends on if I get a job here over the summer, or back home. If it’s here, I’m 80% likely to be there. If it’s home, probably more like 50% cause it’s another 2 hours added to the trip.

They have this new invention, bouv. It’s called an Airplane. Take the shuttle! It’s only $50 or so.

And the mother of the Wright Brothers was born right here in Hillsboro!

No foolin’!

Yours or ours?

And thus the $30 “Mountain air” fee falls into place. It’s all so clear now…

Why thank you, suh, I’d be be pleased to show at your shindig.

Having been born in Danville, the last capital of the Confederacy, and lived my first twenty years in Arlington, there’s no way I would miss this one.

Actually been trying to co-ordinate getting to a DC party with my visits to the parents. But it never works.

Can you stand an Ohio Doper coming to this?

May be able to provide a ride to a few Pittsburghers(Medea) if necessary. We’ll have to discuss that around departure time.

This is the Lurker from across the border checking in.

Had a blast last spring. Wish I had the day off for this one too. Maybe I can drop by and say “Hi” on my way to work in the evening. (5pm-ish?)

Oh sweet mother of molasses, I’m there! You betcha!

I’d be pleased and honored to make the guest list for your shindig and take advantage of your gracious Southern hospitality, sir. Many thanks for the invite.


If my car is still running, I’ll be there. Since I’ll be 21 and want to knock back a few, I call first dibs on the comfy living room sofa (if that’s okay with you, JC).

I think I’m earning a reputation as a Dopefest flake because something always comes up and I can’t go, but I promise to do my best to make it to this one.

Nacho, I’ll offer to help improve your reputation…

Provided nothing intervenes, Jenn and I can swing south first, and give you a lift, should you need it.

If I can catch a ride with somebody, I’ll be there!

Oh man. I just got my mom’s itinerary for her next visit. You guessed it. That weekend. cry

Bring her. What the hell.

I’m interested. I’d like to meet some of y’all IRL. I’m not 100% sure I can make it, but I’m definitely interested.

If at all possible I will be there. I don’t anticipate not being able to go, but after Chidope I’m gonna look into getting a second part-time job, and I dunno how good they’ll be about letting me just not work on any particular day, even with over a month’s notice.

Sorry, I’m gonna have to miss this one. I’ll still be at Keesler for another two weeks or so after that date.

I’ll jut have to catch you for Dope-A-Ween.

Well, JC, those “airplanes” you speak of intrigue me. I looked into them a little bit and found out something…they’re pricey!

Granted, not as pricey as when I looked into going to that pig roast dopefest over in Minessota, or wherever it is (over $1000!) It would be about $150 using Southwest from Albany to Baltimore. From there, another $50 on the shuttle, you say? Hmmm…well, we’ll see. It all depends on what type of job I get over the summer. Which reminds me, way past due to send out some resumes for internships…

Oh Lordy. "K, that’s a case of Diet Coke and…would you like a gun with that? I still get mileage out of the “inspirational messages” on the windows. Bruh.

Sadly, it looks like the good wife and I will not be able to make it. As of 29 April, Steph will be in Seattle, looking for work, whereupon I will be joining her once she has found an apartment.

Should I still be in the area as of 8 June, I will be more than happy to attend, but I would like to reserve my acceptance until later. :frowning:

Talked to the SO, looks like a go.

Though I may tell him he can’t come on the off chance of being able to spend several hours in a car with samclem. Hmmm…

Quietgirl and myself will be on the “maybe” list- We’re both on break, and hopefully Jen won’t have to work.