Mouse Buttons

I’m looking for a program to reprogram my mouse (Logitech 705) buttons. Setpoint doesn’t work very well.
Anybody help?

What exactly are you trying to accomplish, and what is the issue you are having with Setpoint?

Can’t the normal OS settings do this?

I also use a M705 and Setpoint has been the bee’s knees for me. I don’t think there is third party software that will work with all of that mouse’s buttons. So yeah, same question: how is Setpoint misbehaving on you?

3 buttons work as programmed, the others just either do nothing or jump to odd settings in Setpoint.

I’ve tried disabling firewalls and using the browser in safe mode… Control Panel isn’t much help either. Also, re-downloading Setpoint was no help.
I’ve downloaded a program called “X Box Mouse Control” but can’t get it open. (Yet)

Wait, what the heck do firewalls and browsers have to do with anything? It sounds like the problem you’re talking about isn’t actually the problem you’re trying to solve. Start over from the beginning, without leaving out any details: What, exactly, are you trying to do?

If you’re using Windows, then AutoHotKey will do it.

You can easily reprogram any mouse button or keyboard key to do anything you like.

Worth checking that you can set buttons to do things universally, or specific to one application. Take care that you are not setting one of these but expecting the other. If one group of buttons constantly does nothing, it’s possible they’ve failed or someone unplugged them from the circuit board inside. If possible, I’d plug in a second identical mouse and see if the problem persists. Should you have need of another, they’re available pretty cheap without a USB reciever on eBay.

I’m trying to have the wheel button, when pressed, send F11. (For screen enlargement)

I have the same problem with the same mouse, the Logitech M705. In a previous Windows version, I could get one of the thumb-side buttons to do a double-click. This was useful for me, because I have enough tremor in my hands that holding the mouse still long enough to do a double-click is difficult. My quick look at AutoHotKey seemed like I would have to be coding-savvy, which I am not.

AutoHotKey is easier than you think!

Go to the Beginner Tutorial. The first section has very basic step-by-step instructions for downloading and installing AutoHotKey.

  • Follow the instructions in **1 a. Downloading and installing AutoHotkey **

  • Follow the instructions in 1 b. How to create a script.

  • Put the following lines in the script file to do what you need.
    To remap the middle mouse wheel click to F11:


To remap the first extra mouse button to double click:

XButton1::Click, 2

  • Save the File.
  • Double-click the file/icon in the desktop to run it.
  • Done!

I’ve purchased another identical mouse (705) with exactly the same results. 3 buttons work, no more. Thanks for the help though.

Thanks, Green, I’m going to try this!

Please report your results to the thread, so we can know if it works.