Logitech mouse, doesn't have the same functionality as the same one bought 1 year ago

I bought a logitech MX600 laser cordless mouse. I had one before but it was stolen. I loved the mouse enough to buy another close to a year later. I installed all the software and everything was running like clockwork until I opened logitech mouse and keyboard settings. The cool thing about the mouse is that you are able to assign the different buttons to different commands and even keystrokes. A big plus… here comes the kicker.

Many of the funtionalities that were offered the first time did not appear in this software. before one of the commands were to be able to use the ‘show desktop’ option, very convenient. This is nowhere to be found.
Also, I used to have the ability to change commands so that they are program specific which made my firefox browsing 10 times easier. Now I can’t even find the option of ‘adding a program’ like before.

Hopefully one of you has shared this problem in the past or at least knows the right direction in which to correct it. If you could give me a heads up, you’d earn a ton of respect in my book. I’d be eternally indebted to you!

Perhaps you could try installing the old driver software?

I have a Logitech mouse and I am using SetPoint 4.00.121. If you are getting the My Mouse tab on the SetPoint panel you should still be able to set the mouse buttons by program. Click the My Mouse tab, followed by the mouse icon on the left, then Manage Programs…. This will allow you to add a program so you can set the buttons.

If you are not getting the My Mouse tab on the SetPoint panel, this is due to the Logitech software being crap at detecting the mouse through USB. I had to resort to using the PS/2 port with the mouse. If you google, you may be able to find other solutions.