Mouse click "hesitation"

I just bought and installed a Rocketfish wireless keyboard and mouse for my computer.

I think it is really nice, however, sometimes when I first press a key on the keyboard the first 1 or 2 letters will not show up.

Then to really play with my mind, I usually use the scroll wheel click function to open a new tab by clicking a link. If I click a link and let go of the mouse, no other movements, the page remains static as though I didn’t click anything at all. Wiggle the mouse a little and up pops the new tab.

If you click the link several times nothing will happen until you make the little movement, then you get several new tabs to the same link.

I have tested this and have clicked a link, unhanded the mouse and left it sit for one minute, then moving the mouse a tiny bit, the new tab pops up as if I had just clicked the link. Multiple clicks do the same thing.

So, is this a setting I can fix this with (including the keyboard hesitation?) or would this be a driver thing. I haven’t looked for driver updates yet.

Only tested on FireFox, I don’t usually switch browsers very often.

So anybody else have anything like this, if you got it fixed, how?

Thank you for any help.

The keyboard thing may be a matter of it going to sleep prematurely. If you let it sit for a while, it may take a keypress or two to “wake” the keyboard before it’s ready to accept typing.

The mouse thing sounds like a bug, but I don’t know whether it’s a hardware or software issue. It wouldn’t hurt to try updating drivers or to call Rocketfish for help.

IMO, wireless devices can vary a lot between models and manufacturers. The bad ones can be real nightmares. I have no direct experience with Rocketfish, but I believe it’s Best Buy’s house brand… which doesn’t really bode well. Perhaps you’d consider trying your luck with a Logitech, Microsoft, or Apple set and returning the Rocketfish if the replacement works better?

I see both problems and as above only with Firefox and mine are quite sporadic. A day or two, no problems. Next day problems. Keyboard is Dell and the mouse a very old logitech.

Wireless mice can often be wonky. I can’t begin to count the number of times I begin to type something and the cursor jumps someplace else due to my Logitech mouse mis-behaving.

Well, some of the reasons I bought these are,

  1. USB mouse wonky and unresponsive at the best of times ( original with the computer )
  2. Wireless Microsoft mouse, worked fine on desktop, and in browser, but jumped all over heck when in a game, during Fallout 3 or New Vegas, would suddenly be looking at the sky and spinning madly, Kinda hard to shoot anything in that situation. Other games such as card games the cursor would just jump to random spots, randomly.
  3. Logitec mouse USB and Wireless, same as #2.
    The only mouse I haven’t tried is one of my old Roller ball style PS2 mouse, I hate those.

I haven’t put any hours on Fallout with this mouse, but other games seem to be missing the random jumping, I suppose I can live with this ones limitation if I don’t have any problems with my games. Can’t seem to find any driver updates (for any of them).

Keyboard and mouse are both set to not go to sleep, but they have there own switches so I can shut them off at night.

Thanks for the replies I do appreciate them.

Well shucks, I continued having problems and the hesitation was getting worse. Having to move the mouse to get the pointer going, buttons not working in games. Just generally irritating stuff.

I just uninstalled the Rocketfish drivers and let the windows drivers take over, so far so good. It is working quite well at the moment.

Think I’ll go play a game and see if all my buttons work like they are suppose to.