Mouse/Cursor Freezes, Error Sound, Rinse And Repeat

Hello To All Of You

No idea how to fix this and I have been all over google trying to find a fix. I just ran a full AVG scan on my Windows 7 machine and had one Trojan which AVG fixed.

Restarted the machine, hoping against hope that the Trojan was the cause, but it wasn’t.

What happens is when I travel across the screen the mouse will freeze, emit an error (“dig-dug”) sound and then I get the mouse back until next time which ranges anywhere from 2 to 45 seconds.

This is a USB mouse made by Dell. I happened to have a cordless (looked through my drawer of computer junk and found it) and what happens with this one is that it’s sluggish to the point where I have to verrrry slowly maneuver to the icon I want and then click. I don’t know how to describe it better than that.

I have also been to the Control Board and futzed around with the mouse speed, but nothing else. This didn’t help the problem either.

This is what shows on Speccy. I can be more specific if needed.

It would be worth a reasonable fee to me if one of my friends would be willing to do a remote control fix with me. If, that is anyone has any idea what’s going on with the machine.



That sound is (I believe) notification that a USB device has been disconnected. My first/best guess would be that a physical fault has developed in the cable connecting your mouse and the USB port - when you move the mouse, you disturb the cable and the USB handshake is lost, then re-established.

yep, this. your mouse is disconnecting and reconnecting. could be bad cable, failing mouse, or even failing USB controller on the system.


It was the cable. Specifically where the cable enters the “body” of the mouse. (Something kinky there, I think),

So I switched with Dondra’s Trackball mouse and will replace mine asap.

Thank you both for your help. I am ashamed to admit it, but had you two not pointed it out, I wouldn’t have come up with the reason on my own. :smack::smack::smack::p:p:p:smack::smack::smack:



Back in my day that would have been a simple IRQ 12 conflict It would have been of tracking down what bonehead installed something else on IRQ 12 and putting it on another interrupt. Everyone knows you don’t use 12.

… what all that means, Joey P but I wound up with an old wireless, replaced the batteries, but the laser was so slow, I read that if you blow into it, it will improve the tracking, so I did, but that made it worse.

So I gave up on the wireless and went to a Dollar Store and bought a plug and play for 5 bucks and that is what I am using now until I get my gaming mouse from Amazon (for $20) which is also a wireless.

Thanks to all of you for the help! :slight_smile: