Mouse in the room but my pets don't care

I just figured out there’s a mouse under the chair in my bedroom. I woke up to scratching noises and droppings around the dog’s food/water dishes. The weird thing is right now both the dog and the cat are here in the room with me and neither seems at all interested in the mouse under the chair.

Hmm, so either they have a new pet and are hoping I won’t notice or they are as afraid of it as I am.

The cat has certainly brought in her share of “gifts” in the past and the dog is usually pretty alert to weird stuff going on so I can’t figure this out. Any ideas about why my pets are ignoring the vermin in the room?

Wow, that is weird. They must have smelled it seeing as the mouse has visited the food/water dishes. Maybe they did as much investigating as they could when you weren’t around and have given up until a more opportune moment presents itself.

Maybe the mouse is Jerry, and already kicked their asses…