Mouse problems (Computer related)

Well, this is fine and dandy. My mouse is currently on the fritz, so it would seem. Everytime I open an internet browser, and attempt to click on the Back button, I’m automatically sent back to the page I just left.

On SDMB front page
Click on MPSIMS
Click back arrow
Shunted from front page to MPSIMS

I tried looking in the Mouse folder to correct it, and was given the message that my windows/system32/windows file is missing or corrupt. Sure enough, it is missing. (By the by, I’m running Windows XP)

So…as there any help for me, or am I just screwed?

Ack, never mind. The error seems to have corrected itself with the third reboot of the computer. Weird.

Check your keyboard for sticking keys if this happens again, specifically the backspace key.