Movie of the Year , anyone?

wow, quite a few good films this year…
which one(s) do you think are the best and why?

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American Beauty.

I’m still waiting on Girl, Interrupted and Sleepy Hollow.

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Fight Club.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Fight Club.

im waiting on sleepy hollow, end of days, and the green mile
iheard man on the moon is supposed to be good too

who knows, but maybe one of them may be the best…

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If somebody says “Titanic” I’m gonna puke.

This space for rent.

If somebody says Titanic, I’d tell them to get a calender. :wink:

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

What year is this, anyway?

Oh oh oh, there’s just so many! I want them all! Oh, what’s the best one? Shrug. I want them all! Except that one, it’s ugly.

“The Straight Story”, “Bowfinger” or “Being John Malkovich”

American Beauty,
but I agree it was a good year for movies, Larry

American Beauty is the movie of the year AND the decade.


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Sory folks, but from an Englishman, ‘Saving Private Ryan’…yeah, yeah, yeah…I’m in tears.

I haven’t seen many movies this year (I’m not much of a movie-goer anyways) and one that comes highly recommended but probably won’t even screen here because of the total fuck-up that was promotion of it, is Iron Giant.

But of the few movies I have seen, I would put Sixth Sense as the best.

Though, naturally, my favourite was The Phantom Menace.

I probably won’t even see American Beauty, and definitely won’t see Fight Club or Being John Malkovich (I hate John Malkovich, and to see inside a warped version of his mind frankly terrifies me).

Ooh! Toy Story 2 is meant to rock like nothing before! Gotta gotta gotta…

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Wasn’t * Saving Private Ryan * last year? I thought * Shakespeare in Love * beat it out for best picture…

Anyway, best movie I’ve seen this far is * American Beauty *. Worst is * Eyes Wide Shut *.

The best movies I’ve seen this year are:

The Iron Giant
The Sixth Sense
American Beauty
Fight Club

I’d probably chose The Sixth Sense as the best of those.

I’m waiting for:

Toy Story 2
The Green Mile
The Man in the Moon
and Sleepy Hollow

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Dogma just might get my vote for year’s best comedy. I’ll be checking it out when it come out next week(?).

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.