What is the best movie of the year (in your opinion)?

its a hard choice but post what you think…

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So far . . . Sixth Sense.

Damn that was good. I need to see it again.

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The one that comes to my mind first is also The Sixth Sense.

I hate to be a copy-cat, but I have to go with The Sixth Sense too. I saw it twice already, and cried harder at the ending the second time. I love that movie.

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Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace

I’m a die-hard Star wars fan, so it’s no surprise. Anyone who says Blair Witch gets THWACK!ed by the Hand of Evil ™.

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Usually, the “best films of the year” are released in the fall/winter, but so far:

Eyes Wide Shut
Star Wars Episode One - The Phantom Menace
Blair Witch Project

I’m still waiting for: Fight Club, American Beauty, Green Mile, and about four or five others I’ll remember after I click Submit Reply.

Slim pickins this summer.
Star Wars: Episode One: The Phantom Menace <-look likes a Windows pathway
Sixth Sense

JMcC from SFCA
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The Blair Witch Project
Sixth Sense
Bowfinger – hilarious, but a lot darker than the critics made out.

Sixth Sense

But on a more personal note

Mystery Men- It had all my favortie actors and William H Macy IS the Shoveler. I want Mr Furious flame jacket and his motorcycle

Sixth Sense, by far, for me.


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Lets see…

Star Wars Episode 1
–hey its Star Wars, it would have been tough for him to make something that I didn’t like.
The Sixth Sense
Awesome. Awesome. The kid was excellent, the story was twisty and fun, and the camera work was cool.
Red Violin
Intelligent, fun, engaging story. Follows a violin through its lifetime.
Reese Witherspoon kicks major ass. As does Matthew Broderick in this one.
Iron Giant

Ok movies I look forward to as being good this year.
The Messenger:Joan Of Arc
Man on the Moon
Green Mile
Breakfast of Champions
Felicia’s Journey

thats about it.


I get the feeling I’m going to get a lot of flak for this but I liked The Mummy better then Phantom Menace. Yeah, I know campy and not a serious movie and all but for some reason thought it was hilarious and action packed, what the Indiana Jones movies used to be like.

Star Wars: Episode 1: The Phanton Menace hands down.

Hmmm … now that I think about it. I haven’t seen any other movies this year in the theatre, except Blair Witch which was good but not great. But even if I had I would still pick Star Wars.

It’s bernard, just under new management

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.

Yah, go ahead. Give me crap, but I don’t like “serious” movies. I did love “Shakespeare in Love” though.

“Oooh, you are hairy like an-ni-mal”. Best line in the world plus I can do a good Russian accent for it.

I haven’t seen Sixth Sense (maybe I will now based on the high reviews seen here…), but I’ve gotta say The Thomas Crown Affair was the best I’ve seen this year, by far. Just a darn good movie.


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I havnt seen sixth sense, or blair witch, or star wars ( I dont get out much-$$ for sitters y’know), but I thoroughly enjoyed ED TV.

I just saw Stir of echos. All I have to say is…Damn. Wow and I thought 6th sence was good. This is one that you can not miss!

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I have been very disappointed with movies in the last few years. But I have to say that I thought Sixth Sense was great. It is the best movie I can remember seeing lately.


I also just saw the Red Violin this week and I thought it was very good. I don’t think it will do well for mainstream viewers (don’t mean to sound snobby), but I really enjoyed. I thought it was very creative to include the tarot card interpretation throughout the violins journey and to replay the scene in the auction house.

Yeah, I thought using the tarot scene as a frame for the story was an excellent idea. I also enjoyed how they would introduce new characters each time they returned to the auction scene.


It’s a tie…Sixth Sense and South Park.