Worst movie of the year?

what do you think guys?

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There are SO many to choose from…

It’s a given that in a list like this we don’t include the obvious winners, the B-movies satrring no one that never even tried to be good, right? We’re talking about movies that have stars, lots of money, etc?

If so, two that pop immediately to mind are Practical Magic (was that this year?) and Austin Powers the Spy Who Shagged Me (A particularly huge disappointment because I am so fond of Mike Meyers).

I haven’t seen it, but I’m sure we’ll see lots of votes for Eyes Wide Shut. Then there’s Lake Placid, which I also haven’t seen.

Lots of candidates…

This is easy. There is no doubt that Universal Soldier II is the worst movie released in 1999.

hahah, it seems like universal soldier II is one of the winners…
at least in the top 5

i even forgot about it! hahaah

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I vote for The Phantom Menace, just for the amount of disapointment it caused me. I wish I could just erase that one from my memory and not ruin the whole series because of that lemon.

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The Haunting

It was painful. Not scary not good. It had so much potential too and they fragged it 6 ways to Sunday. It so pisses me off that a good premise gets sunk

The Haunting of Hill House too.
It had maybe one or two good parts but was shallow in a lot (got to admit though…awsome rollercoaster. I want to ride that bad boy)

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the phantom menace wasnt that bad… i liked it!
i dont think its one of the worst of the year…!?

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Put in my vote for * Eyes Wide Shut *. It was horrendous.

Eyes Wide Shut

There’s several hours of my life I’ll never get back.

Eyes Wide Shut, hands down. And yes, I thought of that one before I read the other entries.

The movie was filmed beautifully of course, I mean, you could leave that sort of thing to Stanley. But what made it horrible was the terrible acting combined with the fact that all conversation could have been cut in half. Example.

TC: “Do you want another drink ?”
NK: “Do I want another drink ?”

NK: “What drinks do you have ?”
TC: “What drinks do I have ?”

TC: “I have apple juice and coke. What can I offer you ?”
NK: “What can you offer me ?”
Etc. etc. etc. Ad Infinitum. There have been few films that I wanted to walk out of, but this was one of them. “The Body Guard” was the other. 'Nuff Said.

(And yeah, I did eventually walk out of the theater during The Bodyguard. It was either that or barfing all over the guy in front of me. Man - that was some vile crap passing my optical nerve !)


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Thin Red Line

Too long and it blew. If you’re gonna do a war movie, do a war movie!!

I hate to admit I went to see this film, but with a 5 year old son I kinda had to.




I’m a huge Schwarzenegger fan. True Lies is one of my faves, but I was very disappointed with End of Days.

The beginning was good, but the end was soooo cheesy. Sorry Sealemon but it is a bad thing.

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No way I would have gone to see it, but Bats looked pretty bad.

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Tha Haunting.

You know a movie is horrible when you walk out of the movie HATING whoever directed it.

The only other movies that gave me this same feeling are Last Days of Disco and The Fan.


“The Matrix” stank pretty deeply. Fabulous effects mean nothing without a script; and why, with so many marvelous young actors out there, does Keanu Reeves keep getting jobs? “Phantom Menace” lost me with the virgin birth (and the wooden acting from some otherwise fine actors.) I thought it was an adventure story, not a religion. Ick.


I liked the Matrix. And I think people give Keanu too hard a time. He isn’t Oscar material, but he isn’t that bad.

As someone mentioned, Bats looked pretty freakin lame, so I didn’t see it. Austin Powers was pretty lame…

Yeah the midichlorians bothered me in Phantom Menace, but not enough to make it a bad movie. I thought it was fun, and my son adored it.

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The Mummy. Ugh. So these guards have been guarding this site for thousands of years, and when a couple bands of archeologists are fighting over the site, they say go away tomorrow!? And if they have been in charge of making sure Imodium-tek didn’t go to Disneyland, why didn’t they keep an eye on that book. Sheesh… I hate that sinking feeling that comes on in a movie when you know it won’t be getting any better.

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I know this isn’t the place for this. But, I loved Thin Red Line. It did every thing that makes Malick great. It was stupendous.
Anyway. It wasn’t from 1999 it was 1998.

My vote for worst of 1999 is Dudley Do-Right. With Blair Witch Project coming in second.

Hey, I loved “The Mummy!” No, I don’t know why the temple guards gave the archaeologists an extra day to go away, especially since they had felt strongly enough about the matter to come in shooting. Or, for that matter, why the extremely nearsighted guy’s blue eyes turned brown and seemed to work perfectly when the mummy was using them. But you can’t expect everything to make perfect sense in a movie about a 3,000-year-old dead guy wandering the earth stealing people’s body parts.

I thought “Blair Witch Project” was great (I was one of those geeks who bought advance tickets and saw it the first week), though I can see how it might have been a disappointment to those who were expecting something else. I’ll go along with “Dudley Do-Right”; I like Brendan Fraser, and Alfred Molina should have been perfect as Snidely Whiplash, but again, no script. It sucked. I wonder if the new “Rocky & Bullwinkle” will be any good?