Movie Poster -- Word Picture

This idea just came to me and I haven’t attempted to find any previous threads that may deal with the notion. That said, here’s the deal:

Visualize those big posters in theater lobbies. Crammed with images of the stars, the setting, some big action still. You know the type.

Limit yourself to one picture, but give as much descriptive detail as you can to narrow that image down to just one movie so that your description will make anybody know just what movie you mean.

Here’s the example I have thought of:

The deck of a WWII naval vessel. An officer is standing near the railing of an upper deck with a potted plant, like a fern or a plam tree, held high over his head, obviously in the midst of throwing this thing overboard.

Name the movie.

The would be the Swedish classic Tosse Bark.
Just kidding.

Love it! There is at least one other movie, though: the one I was thinking of.

Mister Roberts

I love that movie!

Excellent! I love it, too. One of those “to hell with authority” messages in the midst of the military machine.

Somebody come up with a new picture; possibly from more recent times. Just don’t go for the car chase or the explosion or the liplock.

Okay. Twist my arm.

It’s night. A drunk is using a pipe cutter tool to cut the heads off parking meters.

Cool Hand Luke

Frogs fall from the sky.


People crawling around on the Mt. Rushmore faces.

North by Northwest.

An unoccupied expensive sports car crashes backwards out a glass window of an expensive house. Three teenagers look on in horrifed astonishment

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
A man whose facial features and stance would indicate limited mental capacities with his pants legs reaching well above his sock tops is standing in a fast food window gazing at the menu while the clerk looks at him quizzically.l

Sling Blade

A giant stone nearly runs down our hero.

Indiana Jones Is it the Temple of Doom?

Three men sit in the interior of a tugboat showing each other scars and wounds

Make that Raiders of the Lost Ark

Close, it’s Raiders of the Lost Ark.


A little boy uses Resse’s Pieces to make a new friend.

** E.T. The Extraterrestrial**

A large number of men are running in the surf

Chariots of Fire

An early hominid throws a bone.

2001: A Space Odyssey

Two androids visit an Asian man in a deep freeze room and play with some artificial eyes

Zeldar yours was Bladerunner.

A strange humanoid with a joyous expression is holding up a cat out of some wreckage, amongst the wreckage are kittens, in the background is tremendous upheaval and wreckage. There are tears on the humanoid’s face.

Just so you’ll know, Zabali_Clawbane, if I saw that movie I can’t remember the scene. It sounds like one of the disaster movies involving an earthquake or some other natural disaster, or else an Armageddon type sci-fi futuristic post-apocalyptic thing.

Is there some mischief in using the term “humanoid”?

Beneath the Planet of the Apes ???