"Movies R Fun" by Josh Cooley (amazing "children's" book for grownups)

Pixar storyboard artist Josh Cooley made this book called “Movies R Fun” where he does artist renderings of famous movie scenes (and one from TV) w/ a children’s book style. Hard to explain so just click on the link to see the images, they’re really fun.

My favorites are probably the ones from Goodfellas and Godfather, but they’re all great.

Those are great! The Rosemary’s Baby and T2 ones are particularly creepy in this format.

And I love that there’s one from my favorite comedy, The Jerk.

That’s more or less the best thing I’ve ever seen.
This week, at least.

It’s actually “Movies R Fun!”. :wink:

Gotta love Fredo!

Oops. Will ask to get that fixed.

“Nobody fucks with The Jesus,” said The Jesus.
That’s fucking brilliant.

Is that, along with the “You want a toe? I can get you a toe.” both from The Big Lebowski?


That’s wonderful! I recognized most of the movies, but not all of them. I don’t know “Prit-tay Good” or “…nosey fella” or “…shinebox” but the rest I do.

I love that Leon, The Professional was included.

I’m guessing an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Chinatown and Goodfellas, respectively.

Yeah, that’s kind of Larry’s catch phrase on Curb–he does it in many episodes.

“Go home and get your @%$#% shinebox!” is the line in Goodfellas that sets Joe Pesci off on his murderous rampage. “Are you a nosey fella?” is what Roman Polanski says to Jack Nicholson just before he slits his nose with a switchblade in Chinatown.

My favorite has got to be the one from Leon: The Professional, with Jean Reno and (:eek:) Natalie Portman. I saw the movie a number of years ago, and of course I had no idea of who the little girl was at the time.

My own favorite was the one from The Shining. Brrr …

Thanks! Huh, I’ve seen Chinatown but only once. Goodfellas I’ve seen a dozen+ times, it’s one of my favorite Scorsese films, and completely forgot about that scene! I’ve never seen Curb Your Enthusiasm, and what’s a TV thing doing in a book about movies anyway?

that was pretty awesome.

The best tribute to date, though, remains Jon Stewart as Queen Elizabeth, telling Gordon Brown to get his @%$#% shinebox.