Movies you love your SO doesn't "get"

I’ve got a few favorite movies guaranteed to make my wife wander off in search of something else to do. She doesn’t see appeal at all - just a waste of celluloid (or bit patterns in my case).

Big Trouble in Little China
Buckaroo Bonzai
Johnny Mnemonic
The Fifth Element

…just on the top of the list.

A Chorus Line
Requiem For a Dream
Sixteen Candles
The Breakfast Club
Nightmare Before Christmas
The Dark Crystal
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Austin Powers
Reservoir Dogs
Pulp Fiction

And that’s just movies we own.

His movies that I couldn’t care less about:
Clash of the Titans
Starship Troopers (actually, this movie made me cry once)
The Time Machine (original)
Top Gun
Mortal Kombat
National Lampoon’s anything.
Rob Roy

There are many many many more that we DO agree on, however.

Just don’t get me started on music… we have one band in common.

My girlfriend and I have pretty similar taste in movies, leaning heavily toward sci-fi and fantasy. She does like a few chick flicks that give me deep hurting, and I do like horror movies that she can’t actually sit through, but there’s a lot of overlap there.

However, she just doesn’t get Tron, while I feel that it’s the most realistic depiction of my life ever put to film.

I mean, not all the silly working in a cube farm and getting dicked over by upper management. That’s just silly. I’m talking about running around in a glowing hockey helmet and throwing frisbees at people you don’t like. It’s my life, I tells ya.

My wife pretty much refuses to watch anything by Woody Allen which I mostly enjoy.

She is enamored of lightweight comedies from the 50s and 60s the charm of which eludes me.

She wasn’t crazy about Gladiator which I kind of like.

She liked Far from Heaven which bored me nearly to tears.

She is more or less indifferent to SciFi, except Star Trek (which I also like).

She doesn’t like LOTR.

We both like goofy Brendan Fraser movies, and pretty much anything with Johnny Depp. At my undending insistence she finally watched LA Confidential which she enjoyed (I knew she would). Oh, and we both liked About a Boy.

I think I’m in love.

But I must say, Rob Roy and Braveheart were both quite good.

Any Monty Python movie
The God’s Must Be Crazy

I too cried at Starship Troopers but only because I thought the movie was a complete pile of crap compared to the nearly flawless book.

I currently am not dating - but only one woman that I have ever dated seemed to understand Wonder that is The Princess Bride.

Big Lebowski

Most everything I like.

My wife likes Lifetime-type movies. “Chick flicks”.

Oh, and she likes Julia Roberts. I’d rather have my eyes sucked out by rabid anteaters that watch a JR movie.

Sound of Music and other musicals

I don’t have an SO, but two of the requirements to be so are to have an appreciation of:

  1. Memento
  2. Pulp Fiction

I’ve known people who don’t “get” either of them, and surprisingly it can be a turn-off for me. One girl I knew said Pulp Fiction was “stupid,” but that’s because she couldn’t follow it.

Caddy Shack
Animal House
Story Telling

My husband does not understand my passion for the so-bad-it’s-good Desperado.

And I will NEVER understand the appeal of that damned Zulu movie with Michael Caine.


Dr. Strangelove
anything by Monty Python

My wife and I have similar tastes in movies. One might love what the other only likes, and we don’t always have the same obsessions - I mean, Colin Firth is a good actor, but please - but we usually see eye to eye. The two major exceptions are Apocolypse Now and Gangs of New York, which I consider among my top 20 films, and she finds unwatchable.

OTOH, she has this thing for Mars Attacks, the one Tim Burton film I just can’t stand.

she was my ex, but its appropriate.

Fellowship of the ring and the Two Towers were her favourite films ever. yet she wouldnt watch anything else remotely fantasy/sci fi. no talking animals, aliens or robots, no cartoons. which cuts out at least 90% of the films I like/own etc.
“why don’t you come with me to watch attack of the clones?”
“it’s sci fi fantasy”
“lord of the rings is fantasy”
“yes, but thats realistic. star wars is stupid stuff in space.”
“so balrogs and wizards are more real than jedi’s and spaceships?”

finding something to watch together at the cinema was a fucking mare. I went on my own most of time. she did like flash gordon & the matrix though.

whereas theres no way on earth i’m watching Dirty Dancing/monsoon wedding/anything with Hugh Grant in it.

Yes, “The Big Lebowski”.

I find that most women don’t get that movie.

Dude. The Princess Bride is just a feel-good movie in a fantasy setting. What the hell is all the fuss about it?

Mr. Skeptic does not understand why I love love love:

The Princess Bride
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Young Frankenstein

And I don’t get the appeal of:

The Three Stooges (not a movie, but still)
Any other cheesy movie like Beastmaster

Khadaji - You are dating the wrong women. :smiley: