Mozilla/Outlook question

OK, I’ve been using Mozilla for a few months now and have almost no complaints. Almost. But there are two problems with how it interfaces with Outlook. Any help will be greatly appreciated:

  1. If I try to embed a hyperlink in text in Outlook, I right click on the text and select Hyperlink. I get a dialog box, then go over to the browser to find the page. When I was using IE, I would jsut click back to Outlook, and the link would be in the box. This doesn’t happen in Mozilla, and there is no way to cut and paste. Additionally, everything freezes up for a few minutes.

  2. For the reverse, if I get an e-mail in Outlook with a hyperlink, and I click on it, I do get the web pace in my browser, but it takes a long time. Again, things freeze up in the interim.

Am I doing something wrong?

I’m assuming you can’t use Thunderbird because you use real Outlook, not Outlook Express. In any case I think you’d be better off asking on the Mozillazine forums.