MP says Planned Parenthood trying to 'get their snout back in the public trough'

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He also says “it has been absolute disgrace that this organization and several others like it have been receiving one penny of Canadian taxpayers’ dollars”.

Fuck you, Brad Trost. You and your sexist fundie douchebag friends are what makes the rest of Canada hate Saskatchewan.

I wish you would get your ass trounced in the election, but everyone’s focusing on economics right now. Hopefully this is the wake-up call the rest of Canada will heed on Election Day.

Lets be fair, here. There are a lot of reasons the rest of Canada hates Saskatchewan.

People, wake up, over 90% of what Planned Parenthood does is abortions!

And PP in Canada doesn’t have to separate public funding so it can all go to abortion. Although, if you want the government to pay for an abortion it might be easier to go to a hospital or clinic where tax payers fund 100%.

Canada used to have private for-profit abortion clinics but a federal ruling required the government to pay for treatment.

I heard they kidnap pregnant women and force abortions on them in order to meet their monthly quota.

Which of these is intended to be a factual statement?

You heard wrong. First they kidnap the women, then get them pregnant, then force them to have abortions. Your tax looneys at work!

PM Stephen Harper’s response. They’re not re-opening the abortion debate, but he refuses to comment on Brad Trost’s assertions.

I’m not entirely sure what that means. I am sure that Trost was playing to the house at a Pro-Life convention.

I agree, though, that bullshit like this doesn’t help the reputation of western provinces for being full of backward hicks.

There’s just so many of these assholes around. Vellacott probably called him up and congratulated him this morning.

I’m not sure, but I think we ought to find out.

At least 90%.

The Muskoka Initiative is a program by the Government of Canada (and the other G-8 countries) to improve maternal and child health worldwide. The Canadian International Development Agency set out a request for grant proposals that was due in January, and International Planned Parenthood (“IPP”) was one of the organizations that requested funding. The announcement of which proposals have been accepted hasn’t been released yet, but Trost claimed that, thanks to the efforts of groups like the Sask. Pro-Life Association, the Government has decided to reject their proposal, which means that IPP won’t get any money under the Muskoka Initiative.

The Conservative spokesman said that there hasn’t been a decision yet on whether to accept IPP’s request for funding or not, and that if the IPP request for funding fits under the requirements it will be accepted and if it doesn’t, it won’t, just like any other organization requesting funding.

I thought only Americans (and South Americans) still had to argue about abortion.

This feeling, I - I think it’s envy of Canadians, just for being able to say that.

Similarly, KAIROS was defunded on the advice of CIDA. It certainly had nothing to do with KAIROS criticizing Israel.

I need a job. Are they hiring men to impregnate the women? 'Cause that really sound like a great jobs program.

However the idiot MP in question is recorded saying:

Is funding for Planned Parenthood cut or not? So who is lying? Oda or Trost? It’s so hard to tell, because we’re dealing with Conservatives here.

Well, let’s be fair - it’s not all the western provinces, just the Ontario border to the Rocky Mountains. The west coast itself is pretty cool.

Are you socialist? All Canadians have to be socialist. (Except in Saskatchewan.)

You people up there in Canadia are so cute when you get pissed off! Does that happen, like, once a year?

Our local Planned Parenthood is right across the street from the library. I heard a pro-life protester tell someone going in “Those people are abortionists, not doctors. All they do is abortions.” At that point I interjected “That is a lie. They do a lot of health care for women that couldn’t otherwise afford it.”

Protester: Well, 90% of what they do is abortions.

Me: That is not “all.” ALL is 100%. Learn some basic math and stop telling lies.

There was a rally for my local PP last week. When the people supporting them were talking, the anti-abortion protestors were very rudely screaming over them. When the antis got their say, the pro-choice crew ere politely silent.

s Andy Rooney put it: I don’t kno if I’m pro-choice or pro-life. But I know I like pro-choice people better than pro-life people.