mp3 conversion and chirps, etc

Something I don’t understand about mp3 conversion is where the chirps come from. Even my more heavily scratched CDs play perfectly without skipping, yet trying to rip these to my computer is a fool’s errand. I usually end up running the audio output to a wav recording device, then converting that aurally flawless (by these ears, anyway!) file to mp3.

What’s going on?

The process your computer (or cd player) uses to play a CD is different from the process used in ripping it (digital audio extraction). Try using Exact Audio Copy in ‘secure’ mode, which is very careful with jitter correction and such. Also, you could buy a SkipDoctor , which I’ve used to fix scratched CDs.

I’ll second iwakura43’s recommendation of Exact Audio Copy. Other CD rippers that I have used always seemed to generate the annoying chirps. Exact Audio Copy in ‘secure’ mode is persistent like a bulldog; it may take longer to get the data than other ripping programs, but it gets it right.

Note that the chirps that the OP is experiencing have nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that the resulting files are in MP3 format. If he ripped to WAV format the same chirps would be there.

I use a two-step process to get CD music to MP3: firstly, use Exact Audio Copy to rip to WAV format on the hard disk, then use RazorLame to convert the WAV to MP3. I use high-quality (160kbps minimum) variable-bit-rate encoding, and typically get a five-fold compression factor from WAV to MP3. I am very happy with the results, and even friends who claim that the MP3 format “sounds terrible” have reluctantly agreed that if you do it the way I do the results are fine.

Be separating the steps, I can compare WAV to MP3 with a particularly complex piece of music to make sure that I’m happy with the results. I then delete the WAV file, of course.

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll try the program out on my less friendly CDs.

So ripping programs try to read the CD like data, without error correction (or by ignoring the error correction)? This is faster than reading it like an audio CD and just compressing that output?

Is the reason for the chirps not more likely to be the speed you are ripping the CD? Your scratched CD may sound fine played at 1X speed, but if you’re then trying to rip at 16X or higher; it’s not so surprising that it may get garbled.

Try a slower rip speed.