Mp3 recordings

Perhaps someone can help me out, it seems when I download an MP3 and play it in winamp, it sounds ok. When I burn it to a disk, either im MP3 format or as a regular wave file, it contains annoying blips, chirps etc…what’s up!:confused:

How are you playing the file when it contains the blips, chirps, etc.?

what are you useing to burn the cd with?

I have Very few problems with the stock burn programs on winxp but have had the crappiest luck with just about every other program.

Adaptec 4, Roxio 5, and Nero 5.5 are all excellent programs. I’ve had no problems with any of them on a variety of systems.

Perhaps your CD-ROM drive isn’t fast enough to stream the mp3 data from the CD-ROM to the mp3/wav playing software. I know that generally speaking CD-Rs can’t manage the same level of throughput that pressed CDs can.

Try copying an mp3 or wav file off the CD-R disc you created onto your hard drive and then play it from there. If you still have blips and chirps, it means the fault probably lies with your burning software or mp3 encoding/wav ripping software. If you have no blips and chirps, look to your CD-ROM drive or IDE bus… perhaps try enabling or disabling DMA, etc.


I find that I can avoid such problems by first converting the Mp3 to a .wav using Winamp’s “wav output” setting. Then burn the wavs. Really, really saves a lot of headaches.

Thanks for the info guy’s. I use nero 5.5, computer processor is an athalon 1.33 gigahertz, recoeder is a sony 16x max. Doesn’t nero covert your mp3 file to wave before hand? Even in the mp3 mode, when i play them on win amp the chirps aren’t there (at least i can’t hear them), but when i play them after burning they appear. Either as a wave file or an mp3 file…I’m stumped!

I wonder if its sometype of copy protection scheme? I know that had ones that introduced noise, but nothing to the effect of “chirps & blips”.

Are you playing the CD on same computer/speakers you played the MP3s on? Perhaps the equipment you are playing the CD on has better speakers to reproduce the noise. If you’re not already, play a CD with chirps and blips with your computer and compare to the original MP3s.

If the conversion by the burning software really is introducing the problems, I agree with ftg to try using Winamp to make the wav files. It’s the most trustworthy mp3 decoder I know of.

It could be that you just don’t hear them when you play the MP3. I’ll often hear some hiccups when I listen to a burned CD on a nice, big stereo system that I never heard in the MP3 on the computer with not-so-good speakers, but if I go back and turn the volume up really high and listen carefully to the MP3 again, I’ll notice the same hiccups.