I’m looking for a certain mp3: Romeo and Juliet, by either Indigo girls or Dire straits. I can’t seem to get the straight dope on any mp3’s. Does anyone know of a mp3 site that delivers consistent results?

Would you ask Cecil this question?

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If you want to pay for copyrighted music in MP3 format, try

If you don’t want to pay, well, let’s just say that newsgroups are a known haven for copyright violations. Of course that doesn’t make it legal or recommendable. It’s just a fact.

Cute FTP’s latest version has an MP3 search engine inside it that checks several leading search engines based on key words and shows the results. Youc an then connect using Cute FTP any or all of the sites you wish!

MP3 sites come in a few categories that I have seen. They are:

  1. Totally free sites where you can download at your heart’s content. These are few and far between.

  2. Ratio sites. These sites ask you to upload MP3’s to them and only then will they let you download stuff, usually in a ratio of the size of data that was transferred.

  3. Gimmick sites. These ask you to click on banner ads on their websites to get passwords. I have yet to make one of these work, and some of them even make you sign up for adult sites to get access. Enter these at your own peril.

  4. Private sites. These sites only permit users given approval from the owner. Usually they are looking for specific things and will only trade with people whom have what he wants. I see a lot of R&B and hip-hop sites are like this.

Of course there are ways to get MP3’s on the web, but I prefer FTP as it is quicker and less headaches, plus Cute FTP rocks.

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MP3’s don’t interest me so I didn’t check out these links I’ve been hanging onto. I’ll let you check 'em out and decide for yourself.
If they’re total crap forgive me.

Also i think the original “Romeo and Juliet” was by Bob Dylan not Dire Straits.

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