MPS contest

  1. I didn’t get up until 1:00pm this afternoon.

  2. I am watching cooking shows and I am starving.

  3. The clouds are out.

  4. Does caviar really taste that good considering the price?

  5. The internet is an excuse to not clean house.

I was starting to compose and epic ode to a small piece of grey fluff I’d found in my navel … but then I heard this had already been done.

My gums hurt.

No, it’s all the flab that makes your ass look fat.


Some people eat bugs. Yeeeck…

I’ve seen fatter. :smiley:

There is a windshield repair shop across the street from my work,it is white with red trim. They have a television antenna on the roof.

gluteose maximas, maximum overdrive, driving my life away, away game, game bird, bird brain, brain in your glut…

                POINTLESS ENOUGH!?


Two empty cans on my desk once contained caffeine-free Dr Pepper.

Now THAT’s Mundane and Pointless, but not Stuff!


lets see what </u>I</u> can come up with…hmmmmm…
I know!
rilly mudane stuff:


I just sneezed. Twice.

In The Official Scrabble Dictionary, Third Edition, these two words are next to each other:

jejunity: uninteresting, childish
jejunum: a small part of the intestine

I’ve been looking for a place to put this sentence:

Your jejunity gives me a pain in my jejunum.


eh… very nice…

keep 'em comin!

I’m gonna read you my poem:
Clown Love
I am…
complex yet simple
hurtful yet a waving beacon in the darkness of a clown’s soul.

I am bliss
and sorrow, like a crow
a John Wayne movie, God,
i love that sexy western bitch.

“Ow…my face hurts”
I’m am deep yet as shallow as a kiddie pool, drenched in clown urine

Danielle and I did that in English instead of writing a real poem

It’s night.
Which means the sun isn’t out.
So it’s dark.

Real dark.

I wonder what Lynn thinks of, which is actually a font site?

Did somebody call me? Oh, he didn’t? Well, that was pretty pointless.

I’ve got this round ball and on it I wrote “mundane.”


There are seven letters in my username.
There are three letters in my IRL name.
Does this mean there is more of me here?