MPSIMS. How do you pronounce it?

I pronounce it mumpsimus.

There was a thread on this before…

I pronounce it IMP-sims.

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I always see it as ms pms

I pronounce it like: M.P. SIMS myself…

Yer pal,

Empy Simms. Basically the same as Satan’s pronunciation, but treating the first two letters as a single word.

I just call it Mundane Pointless.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

I always and up pronouncing it IMP-ISIMS. It rolls off of the tongue that way.

Or Mip Sims. How many of you actually pronounce this word? Who are you talking to?

I pronounce it like this

Well actually more like Mipsmms. And I pronouce it in my head mainly. “Oh I have to read Mipsmms”

-Frankie Feeling kinda salty today…bear with me!

I usually pronounce it “mippisms”, due to my inherently dyslexic nature. I guess that makes me a “mippist”.

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I don’t pronounce it, but I often think the acronym means something else. Instead of “Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share”, I think “More Pointless S**t I Must See”.

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This may be the first time I’ve ever said this in print, but I agree with Satan.

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I call it “mundane pointless” also. And yes, I do say it out loud, to my husband, who also posts here (UndeadDude) :slight_smile:

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