Mr Bean Intro

Thanks to YouTube I stumbled upon some episodes of Mr Bean.

I had completely forgotten the bizarre intro though.

Where a beam of light opens up and deposits Mr. Beans on the street.

Has this ever been explained?

Was he abducted? Is he an extraterrestrial?

Abducted and experimented on, I’d guess. Then returned after they were finished with him.

His behavior is a result of the experiments.

The angelic choral music that plays makes it pretty clear - he’s the second coming of Jesus.

Ecce Homo Qui Est Faba.

(I love Blackadder but cannot watch Mr Bean. That character has homesteaded a parcel of Uncanny Valley so well he makes me uncomfortable. )

You cannot reason a person out of a position they didn’t use reason to reach.

The opening implies either:

  • He’s a fallen angel.
  • He’s a literal alien.
  • He’s so out of touch with everyday humanity that he might as well be an alien.

I prefer the third interpretation but I’m not sure that squares with the choral music.

I always assumed that aliens took him, found him to be completely unacceptable, and returned him.

Confirmed as an alien in the canonical cartoon spin-off.

I have long thought there ought to be one last Mr Bean movie called Mr Bean’s Wedding. Matilda Ziegler, who played Irma in both the TV series and the animated series, would still be a fine match for him.

She’s way too hot, even with her bun and eyeglasses.

I found it interesting that she also wound up as Martin’s girlfriend at the end of Cabin Pressure. Martin, like Bean, is somewhat lacking in social graces.

I feel the same way. I can appreciate Rowan Atkinson’s skill at physical comedy, which comes through heavily with the Bean character but I’m far more fond of his quick-witted verbal comedy from the various Blackadders and a number of his stand-up routines.

That said, my overall favorite Mr. Bean moment, from the limited amount I’ve been able to sit through, comes from the sketch where he tries to paint his apartment.

The Bean sketch I laughed hardest and longest at is the one where he’s standing in line to receive the Queen, and it ends in a weenie joke.

My favorite stage sketch is the one where the headmaster calls the roll at a boarding school: “Clitoris. Clitoris? Where is Clitoris?”


I remember an interview with Rowan Atkinson where he talks about how they were going to end the show. Apparently, a flying saucer was to land next to Bean and men, dressed exactly like him, would disembark from it. They would all excitedly shake hands, in the Mr Bean fashion, and then leave together in the spaceship.