Mr. Smashy: Feckless Bitch or Drooling Cretin?

I was having a spirited, if one sided, conversation with Mr. Smashy on the FOX News thread in Great Debates. The link above shows where Smashy comes in.

And I was really thinking about him and it dawned that his level of broken is pretty interesting.

He doesn’t seem as mildly-psychotic as Shodan. He isn’t as much of bloviating-while-willfully-ignorant type as Bricker. He appears to have more capacity than a bottom dweller like Clothahump.

This isn’t to say he isn’t subnormal, mind you. But he’s got an interesting kind of sub-normalcy. It’s almost like a Scrappy-Doo meets Slingblade sort of feel.

That said, I pit you, Mr. Smashy, because talking to you is amazingly unproductive.


Jesus christ, shut the fuck up. You’re one of the most annoying posters on “my” side.

That thread makes me want to jam a chopstick into my brain. Nothing but page after page of partisan wankery. Barf. OP, please choke on the dick of a pungent cadaver for linking to that.

Tip for my fellow liberals: if someone thinks Fox News is unbiased, they’re retarded, plain and simple. Like drooling down your shirt retarded. Do you really think you’re going to be able to talk them out of that? Besides, it’s not like there’s another cable news network that isn’t embarrassingly shitty, so we don’t exactly have a shining counterexample from which to revel in the moral high ground, now do we? So what’s the point?

Remember what I said about tantrums in that thread? Remember that I also said it was easy to argue with liberals, because some dumb ass would always prove me right?


And you’re always there to prove everything negative about conservatives, so it’s even.

And here we go again.

Hey, I got in my bipartisan bitching. I’m satisfied.

You aren’t required to read any threads, ya know? What exactly were you suspecting this thread was about when you read the title?


Incessant and predictable.

Wait, was the comment you quoted incessant and predictable, or was that what you thought when you read the title?

Also, how does any of this reflect on the many defects of Smashy?

Yeah, but I am, and Jesus Christ, you are one of the most tedious posters on this board.

Hey, here’s a pop quiz for you. You know what the difference is between you and Shodan?

Trick question: there isn’t one.

Sorry, you fail the test. I may be as annoying as Shodan, that’s after all a judgement call. But my posts and opinions are in general factual.

For example, Shodan posts about ACORN malfeasance, and it didn’t actually happen. That isn’t one opinion against another, it’s simply a false fact that he continually expresses as true.

Also, I have better taste in music.

It is not for a win. It for the play. it is a sport.

Not even close. You have to be smart to be as annoying as me.


I think I’ve uncovered a flaw in your reasoning. :smiley:

Somehow, some way, I’m gonna get this son of a bitch listed in Threadspotting.

You know chopsticks come in sets of two, right?

A bug bite is more annoying than you(and leaves a bigger mark), so where does that place you intelligence-wise?

Wow Lobo, you absolutely hate to lose arguments! :slight_smile:

I haven’t lost any arguments with you. You’re too stupid to understand that you’re being lied to.

You think ACORN is a scandal. The scandal, you simpleton, is that FOX News and the other outlets on the right made up the scandal.

You think the Black Panther thing is a scandal. You are a gullible child.
Also, declaring victory when you have utterly failed is one of your most charming attributes. :smiley: