Mr. Spock can go to Hell

…at least according to creationist Ken Ham:

That seems kinda harsh, considering how Spock sacrificed himself at the end of Star Trek II. Or the way Klaatu died for our sins in The Day the Earth Stood Still.

I can’t really get into this pitting. I’m skeptical about the existence of aliens too, but for different reasons. There’s better fodder for goofing on creationists.

If there really is a god, I bet it’s not a fan of those who claim to be able to speak for it.

How would Ken Ham know?

What’s the point of being a god if you don’t smite those types?

That’;s because you’re missing the point. It’s not just that extraterrestrials don’t exist. Ham says authoritatively that even if they existed, God wouldn’t save them. He’s human-chauvinist.

But wait—Mr. Spock was half human, so can’t that half at least be saved?

Perfect fodder for a Far Side cartoon right there. Picture a group of extraterrestrials saying their God won’t save Ken Ham.

No, I get the point. It’s that he’s based his disbelief in something fictional with something fictional. I just see it as more of an irony than a pittable issue.

I can guarantee the list of things Ken Ham doesn’t know, but is willing to speak authoritatively about, is quite long indeed…

It was, I believe, Carrie Vaughn with a short story where not only is there indisputable proof that God exists, it is discovered that all of Creation is for the benefit of some specific extraterrestrials and humanity is a mere by-product.

Hey, now… :face_with_monocle: Are you saying this Ken Ham guy isn’t being scientifical??

Sounds like a good reason to go to hell - I’ll get to hang out with aliens. Where did I put that baby for this weekend’s sacrifice?

Check with Hillary. I think she has the list.

Well, he didn’t invoke Intelligent Design. :see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

“salvation through Christ is only for the Adamic race,”
While this can be seen as an enlightened view on race in the end it’s just another excuse to call “evolutionists” racists,
I’m quite certain Mr Ham has had the period usage of the word race explained to him . . . many times.

For example, Ham’s theory that

…the other celestial bodies were created for signs, seasons, days, and years.

So the universe was created as a giant Orrery for us…

It sounds a lot like Ted Chiang’s “Omphalos” where there is nigh indisputable evidence of Young Earth Creationism but also nigh indisputable evidence the Earth is a by-product and the center of Creation is another planet in a different solar system.

Ken’s just a short step away from being a Flat Earther!