MST3K quote!

Also from Mitchell:

Linda Evans writes “JERK” on his windshield with lipstick.
Crow (as Druglord guy) to Mitchell: “Word on the street is you’re a jerk!”

“He tried to kill me with a forklift. Ole!”

In “Cave Dwellers” (a retitle of “Ator, the Blade Master”)…

Effeminate bad guy makes a sinister comment and pokes the shirtless Ator in the chest, and Tom Servo makes a doorbell noise… then…

Crow: Tits all over…er…I mean it’s all over for you Ator! I know we’ve been breast…er…best friends!

(Bad guy swoops off)

Crow (campy voice): Come on girls… let’s go!

Their treatment of “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians” remains my all-time favorite.

And who could forget the Patrick Swayze Christmas?

I’m pretty sure that was from The Touch of Satan.

One of my personal faves, from The Leech Woman. The lawyer’s girlfriend repeatedly honks the car horn to hurry him from the widow’s home.

Crow (as lawyer): Emasculating hippo! Give me some freedom!

“They’re RECESS monkeys!”

<Coily the Spring Sprite> NOOOOO SPRINGS!!! (1012 - Squirm + A Case of Spring Fever)

Pod People

Tom Servo: Meanwhile, in a totally DIFFERENT movie…

Tom Servo: Huzzah
After character has fallen off of a cliff, and two people pick her up
and move her back to the RV: “All that movement’s good for the spine.”

Almost forgot the line that made Crunchy Frog go into hysterics…

From Alien From LA, when the male lead pushes Kathy Ireland’s glasses up and touches her forehead :

“See? There’s supposed to be a brain in there!”

The Mole People
MIKE: after several minutes of the main characters spelunking This movie is just ropes and asses!

The Touch of Satan
MELISSA THE WITCH: This is where the fish lives.
JODY THE SCRAWNY GUY: Why did you run?
SERVO: Because this is where the fish lives!

The Pumaman (Or Thep Umaman)
to the tune of Pumaman’s theme music
CROW: Pu-ma Man, he flies like a moron!
CROW: Pu-ma Man, when will he find love?
MIKE: Dick’s Red Owl, selection and service!
TOM: Snyder Drug, we’re busting up prices!
CROW: When you want the flavor of bacon in a dip!
TOM: The fat-free yogurt that’s not short on flavor!
CROW: Now they’re going to boff in the air!

The Final Sacrifice
“Oooooo, I needs an eraser!”

D’oh! I forgot to add a link.

Ward E: For Obsessive Fans Only

This is where I got the Pumaman song lyrics.

wah!! my first post!!
this isn’t a quote, but the fact that “The Brain That Wouldn’t DIe” had two different titles…funny stuff…
diabolik: “This hideout should fool anyone…unless they look at it.”
the little song they sang in the beginning…“Gonna go to the store…gonna meet dolores for lunch!”
wow. there’s a little jewish smiley…

The words to the Gamera theme song:

“Gamera – Gamera!
Gamera is really neat!
He’s got little turtle feet!
We all love you, Ga-mer-a!”

Ooops, correction:

Gamera is really neat,
Gamera is filled with meat,
We’ve been eating Gameraaaaa

(I adapted the song to sing to one of my dogs – hence the “feet” part.)

Thanks to the person who posted the link to Ward E!

In The PumaMan:

A UFO with a colorful underside appears:

“Christmas ornaments of the gods!!!”

Sadly this is the only mstk3 I’ve seen, (none of the video stores carry it up here, and it’s no longer on cable).

But the lines that got me were the one where the little boy is talking to the creature

boy: “you know how to play don’t you trumpy”?
mstk3 character: “yes, that’s when I rip your arms off”

And the scene with the deer in the forest,

mstk3 character: “mom, sometimes you don’t hear the bullet coming”.

And of course the constant “renaissance fair” references of “Huzzah”!!!

Deep hurting… Deep hurting…

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You is mistook.

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And speaking of pants and DEEP HURTING!.. I think I’ll watch Hercules Against The Moon Men tonight. Actually, it’s the only Hercules episode I haven’t seen yet.