Mt Etna eruption [July 2024]

Lots of video out there, I just picked this one:


I have a co-worker whose high school kid is attending an academic event on the island. Airports closed and the kid is stuck. No immediately critical danger, but my colleague is understandably nervous about the situation deteriorating.

The same happened to me last summer when Catania airport closed due to volcanic ash. The good part was the flights weren’t cancelled, but pre-diverted to Trapani, whereby a fleet of busses transported us for a 4 hour ride back to Catania airport. The entire ground was covered in a dusting of black ash. Amazing.

Thank you! That was well worth a watch.

Vulcan awakes. Thanks for the link. I love volcanoes. (At an appropriate distance, of course.)

Me, too. My biggest disappointment on my first visit to Hawaii was the sign “No visible magma today” at Volcanoes National Park.

Crossword clue writers, take notice…

The summer of 1983, I was deployed to Sigonella. I was awakened one night by what felt like someone shaking my bed, but I figured it was a dream and went back to sleep. Next morning, I discovered items that were in the top of my closet were now in the floor, and outside, there was gritty ash on the railings and ground. It was Etna. The air station was far enough away that there was no immediate threat, and it was kinda cool to stand outside my room and see the red trails of lava at night.

There’s still ferry service to Sicily. To Sicily by train (also includes instructions to get from Sicily).