Mully makes the grade

Well, it was the first big test of grad school (dealing with HTML, VBScript, and JavaScript) and I got a 100.

Woohoo. Hand me the dual major diploma know and ;et’s just eliminate the middle man of actually taking the rest of these classes.

And based on my inability to spell a simple word such as let’s, I apparently need to also get a master’s in remedial english.

You might wanna pay attention too when they explain the difference between “now” and “know”. :smiley:

You’d think a computer guru with your abilities, would have at least used some of your talent in your post!

I am turning in my SDMB license and skulking off too a dark corner somewhere. This was truly not my finest hour.

That’s too bad, Mully!



(Had enough?)

Mully: A plus PLUS Six-Footer has never had enough in my 5’3" imaginification.

You were just over-exited and -whelmed. Now go dunk the behooking HeySeuss out of that basket!