Multi-aspect untraditional gift giving.

My family has never been very good at gift giving. I was thinking about gifts that are “wrong” in the traditional sense.

One year I was looking for a new used car. I wanted a Subaru. They are cars loved by their owners and can be a pain in the ass to find used. So I put everybody I know on the look out in their area for cars fitting my qualifications. My parents found one, and had it checked by their mechanic. It all checked out great, so they handled all the negotiations and got it, and I sent them a check to cover it all.

When I flew out there to pick it up and drive it home my parents told me to look in the trunk. There were four brand new studded Hakkepelita snow tires. They told me it was a present. It was honestly a great present, and one of the ones I appreciated the most with all my driving over the Rockies in winter.

But in terms of “traditional” present giving it had many strikes.

1 Snow tires could be a sitcom cliche for non-sentimental non-personal gifts.
2. It was a rollover to cover the nest two separate present giving occasions, Christmas and b-day.
3. It was nowhere near Christmas or my birthday.
4. Unwrapped,(well who the hell is going to wrap tires but still, some people find unwrapping essential)
5. Selfish kind-of. I’m sure my mom pushed for it so she could feel better herself about my safety.


If its something you needed, used, and either would not have bought for yourself or it would have hurt your pocket book to buy for yourself…then IMO its a perfect gift.

In which case it is just looking for something to complain about IMO.

In todays society, it seems people have gotten so used to expensive worthless/useless/uneccesarry crap as gifts that its skewing the very idea of what an ideal gift would be…

Don’t get me wrong, not complaining at all, I much prefer it that way. But some people just seem offended by that sort of gift giving.

I know a FOAF who bought all his friends tyre pressure gauges for Christmas one year. The reason he gave - “Keeping your tyre pressure right is a good safety practise in a car. I like all my friends and want them to not smash themselves up in car accidents”

Not very traditional in the present line, but I think it was kind of cool. He probably wrapped them though, so that makes it ok :wink:

See, I would love that as a present, I have a friend who one year back in college was seriously broke, so she knitted wonderful goodies for everybody - I got a Dr Who scarf, another friend got fantastic mittens, several people got amazing hat/scarf combos, another person who always complained got dwarven knit equivalent socks [seriously, they were so thick they would stand leaned against a wall by themselves- they were supposed to be a joke, but they were actually wearable, just made your feet literally one size larger]

I love useful stuff, this year I got enamel cast iron La Creuset casserole and matching dutch oven for cooking on my woodstove with <squee>