Multi-language proofreading services?

So I always get the fun jobs at work… I’m looking for a multi-lingual (but mostly bi-lingual, Spanish and English) proofreading service. I might need French or Italian or German or Portuguese or Korean or Chinese or anything but Tagalog once in a blue moon, but not likely. I’ve gotten a quote, and I’m puzzled. So help me out…

Quote #1: 40 British pounds per 1,000 words :eek:

I’m unsure of the exchange rate, we’re a U.S. company, and they won’t take a credit card. They’ll take a “cheque” (I assume not one written from a U.S. bank), or BACS. I don’t know what BACS is. Googling it was not helpful.

Is this a reasonable starting place, or is it as outrageous as it sounds to me?

I only need about 300 words proofread at a time, and that’s only about once every other month. What should that cost us, and how long should it take?