Multiple births - Highest number where you’ve known each person

Tonight, it occurred to me that while I have known a triplet or two in my life, I have never known an entire set of triplets. (In other words, I worked with one, or went to school with one, but never met the other two.) When it comes to multiple births, I’ve known both members of a pair of twins, but never anything larger than that.

For you, what’s the highest number of people you’ve known who were born at one time? Only catch is, you have to have met each person who was part of the multiple birth.

I had a friend who had triplets. Knew the kids as youngsters. I have known several sets of twins. There are many in my family.

Highest I’ve ever known is identical twins. Now, in the late 70’s I shopped at a small, family run grocery store run by two sets of identical twins. The boys married the girls.

Many pairs of twins.

I once worked with a woman who was a triplet (all girls; she was an identical twin with a third girl, and I met her identical twin) and I later worked with a woman who had triplets, but the kids were babies and I left that job shortly afterwards and never met the kids.

My mother’s BFF, who is now deceased, had a cousin who had quintuplets; one baby died without ever leaving the hospital, and IDK if either of them ever met any of the children.

My second son’s elementary school class of twelve had a pair of twins and a set of triplets. Even now as 20 somethings I am acquainted with all enough to speak with and query them on various life events when we meet. There are also multiple sets of twins in my and my wife’s families.

As far as I recall, I don’t know anyone who is a triplet, much less know all three.

I know a number of twins. Interesting statistic; the street where I grew up had four houses in a row with twins in the family (including mine). None of the families are related so it wasn’t a genetic trait.

Went to high school with a pair of twins.

My neighbor has triplet grand daughters. I saw them once when they were less than a month old.

I’ve personally known six sets of twins:

  • Two of my nieces
  • Two of my cousins (fraternal brother and sister)
  • My current manager, and his brother (who was, in fact, my colleague at a different company)
  • The sons of one of my former colleagues
  • A high school girlfriend of mine, and her fraternal twin brother
  • The sons of my fifth-grade teacher

I’ve never known a set of triplets (or more), nor can I say for certain that I’ve ever known someone who was a triplet.

I used to babysit for a set of quintuplets when I was a teenager. And a friend has triplets, all of whom I have met. Too many twins to count.

There were twin brothers in my neighborhood when I was a kid.

When my daughter was in preschool, one of her classmates had triplet brothers - I saw them once, but they were in their mega-stroller, so I don’t think that counts as knowing them. :smiley:

My stepdad has identical triplet nieces. I met them, if you can call it that, when they were a month old or so.

I’ve known numerous sets of twins including co-workers and some family. I’d be surprised if very many people at all hadn’t.

Twins to be strict to the OP. I have known one set of triplets since birth (4 years ago) but once they grow or I lose contact with the father I doubt I will ever see them again.

Several pairs of twins. I’ve never (to my knowledge) met anyone who was a triplet or higher, let alone a full set.

I knew the Hansen quads and their parents when they were toddlers. Lost track in the mid-70s.

Quite a few sets of twins. My high school had around ten sets. There was an article in our school newspaper, and it turned out there was one pair fewer than it was thought, since there were two girls who looked like identical twins, but were actually double cousins.

I’m good friends with a woman whose non-identical triplets are good friends of my kids.

Quads, two sets of identical twins born at the same time, as their teacher.

I grew up with triplets, identical girls and a spare boy.

I’ve had triplets (two girls, one boy) over for sleepovers at our house several times. They are all friends of my daughter’s. Have known them for about five years.

They are not identical. In fact they look very different and have very different personalities.

I have friends with triplets, so I know a set of triplet kids. I have twin cousins and know two other sets of twins.

I’m a teacher and had(in the school) triplets about 3 years ago. Actually, I only had the girl, but she had two brothers in her triplet-set.

Nice kids.