Multiple Response Prevention

After writing a response to the Message Board, my reflex is to hit the “Back” icon on the Button bar to take back me to the Message Board. I then frantically try to stop the re-submission.

Is it possible for the SD Programmers add code to check for a recent submission (e.g. within ~1 minute), and ask the Doper if they really want to post again?

It’s set now to disallow two posts by one person within either 60 or 90 seconds. Clicking Back from a new post doesn’t (AFAIK) resubmit.

I’ll quote myself from your other (now closed) thread in GQ:

How on earth are you double posting when only clicking submit once?

And why don’t you just wait for the hamsters to move you back to the messageboard screen?

I used to use the “back” button too. But now if I don’t get an updated thread (i.e. timeout or some other error), I “navigate” back to the original thread to see if my post made it or not. So, what I have been doing is this, keep the list of threads open in one window, when you click on a particular thread use the right mouse button and choose “open in new window”. The only problem here is I have to remember to close the new window when I open a new thread, or I might post my response to the wrong thread. I always edit my responses with a text editor and cut and paste into the SDMB area, that way I can spell check and I have a copy should the hamsters get hungry and not post my original response.