multiple-user registration

Is it possible for my daughter to register on the SDMB? She has her own user name for AOL, but when she files in to the Board it welcomes me back, and does not allow for a new registration.

Please help, as she would like to join the fun in the Board.


WAG: The cookies are logging you in automatically.

Choose to log out (if you can, I’m set up to delete cookies when Navigator starts, so I can’t say what it looks like), then she should be able to register.

A lot of sites that use cookies to log visitors in have a link something like “If you’re not DAVEW0071, click here”

That’s exactly what’s going on.

Dave, be sure to Log Out at the end of your session; go to the first page of the SDMB and hit the “Log Out” hyperlink on the right lower hand side (just under the forum listings).

Your daughter needs to do the same thing; you’ll both need to log in to begin and log out when you’re finished with the board.

And thanks; it’s a tremendous credit to us that you would allow your daughter to be here.

your humble TubaDiva

Um–she does understand that we aren’t the ones running the “How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?” contest, right?

Knead and Tuba, you were right. Problem solved. I thankee both.

And Duck, she’s hipper than that! The back of my hand to you. :smiley:

Dave, DO tell your daughter that if someone tells her that she doesn’t want to know…to believe it.