Multiple users on same computer

My nephew will be staying with me for awhile, and I would like for him to be able to ask questions at the SDMB General Questions forum. Since he will be using the same computer I use I’m not sure what the accepted way of doing this is.

Should he post under my name with a note at the bottom that “this post is not by Ring” or should he register and post under his own user name? Keep in mind that he’ll be using the same computer and have the same IP and I don’t want to run afoul of:

But then there’s also this:

He needs to register under his own username. As long as he doesn’t start creating trouble then there is no problem with the two of you sharing a computer. But if your nephew starts breaking the rules, and we ban that username, and then all of a sudden the user Ring starts posting items similar to those that were being posted under the nephew’s username, or breaking the rules in the same way that the nephew was doing, then the staff would suspect that the nephew is using the “Ring” account and user Ring could be in trouble.

Make sure that each of you log off before the other starts using the SDMB, to prevent your nephew posting under your name and vice-versa.

Finally, we don’t allow posters under the age of 13.

Thanks for the info. I just want him to ask his math and science questions in GQ instead of constantly asking me. Especially since I don’t always (usually?) know the answers.

You’re name’s Ring and you don’t know the answers to math questions? At least you didn’t name yourself Field. :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re name’s Ring and you don’t know the answers to math questions? At least you didn’t name yourself Field. :stuck_out_tongue:

Achernar, he probably isn’t into groupthink like we are. :wink:

Funny this came up, I just came to this forum to start a thread about it.

My husband and I share our home computer. We both used to post from workas well, now I’m working for the Feds and they block the Dope. They even found the secret back entrance that I formerly used and blocked that. Darn them. Anyway, I can’t read or post from work anymore.

We haven’t had a problem yet, but I nearly posted to a pit thread about him, as him instead of me.

I know we could log out each time we leave the board, but really, that’s a major pain in the heinie. We use a dial-up connection, and the board can be glacially slow as it is.

So, this is my wish: next time the infrastructure gods see fit to throw a little time and money (ok, a lot of time and money) towards revamping the boards, could we please have a “change who is logged in” option at the bottom of the thread? Pretty please? With money on top?

vBulletin is COTS (commercial off-the-shelf software) and new features are implemented by vBulletin programmers, not by the SDMB staff.

I’m more of an engineering and physics guy than a math guy, but I don’t see the term ring used much anymore at least not in most linear algebra texts.

But I try to stay away from the math for math?s sake stuff-- I like to keep some semblance of normality. All I need is a little dose of noncommutative associative ring theory (whatever that means) to become a complete blithering idiot.

Whoever said that phrase is either behind the times or trying to sound smart; all rings are associative.

There’s a Tolkien pun in here somewhere just dying to get out, but I can’t find it.

Anyway: A simple way to keep users straight, if you’re using Netscape, is to set up separate Netscape profiles. Go to start: programs: Netscape: utilities: user profile manager (or something like that), and it’ll walk you through creating a second profile. Then, whenever you start up Netscape, it’ll ask you which profile to use. Each profile has its own set of bookmarks, cookies, mail settings, etc, so both can be logged in separately.

With all due respect - really! - you might want to make sure he doesn’t post questions that he needs answered for his homework*; they kind of frown on that here. It’s not completely forbidden, I think (since it’d be tough to enforce), but chances are that many time he’ll be able to find the answer online himself without asking the smart fellers here.

  • unless absolutely necessary, i.e. he’s tried all other avenues

The Mathematical Atlas

Thanks Chronos that’s a great idea.

I don’t think he’d do that, but even if he did people don’t have to answer if they don’t want to. I think his questions will be more like, “What the hell is a ring”? :slight_smile: