Mundane April

Just had to share this…I just found out I got my tickets for the Dave Matthews show at RFK! WOOHOO! Tickets go on sale Saturday, but I already have mine… happy dance

Aside from that, it’s been a REALLY boring month. Hopefully May will be more exciting…

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Well, it’s not Dave Matthews but my Leo Kottke tickets came in the mail this week. We get to see him in a small venue (500 people) in a scenic part of the Olympic Peninsula.

April? Boring? Are you nuts?
I’m going to see Junior at Dodger Stadium! I saw the Angels-Yankees game at Edison feild! I’m gonna see the Reverend Horton Heat at the Palace! Wow!

Dear Diary,
[ mindless babble]

Today was a shitty day. Not “You’ve smashed the new car”-shitty. Not “you’ve got a trendy incurable disease” shitty. Not “Your favorite actor died” shitty. Just the kind of shit ball that really hasn’t happened since I left the paying job world. You know, the " Today, I must be a statue and, oh look, there’s a whole flock of pigeons." kind of day.

Packed up the kids and went to Borders Books to buy a gift certificate and book. Had the book waiting for me at the counter because going to a bookstore with a toddler who *loves *books is always hectic. After buying what I needed, hit the kids department and my son decides to spit when he saw me put his toy truck away, of which I accidently dropped on my daughters head and set her off to scream like she had a toy truck dropped on her head. (He spits when he doesn’t get his way.It’s a precursor to a grand mal tantrum.) I threw him over my shoulder, picked up my daughter in her car seat and trotted out of there. Heading off tantrum and probably saving me money anyways.

Winds up to 50 mph ripped through the area today. A semi big dead tree blew right over across the road and smack dab in the middle of my drive way.I had to get on to my property by driving down the private drive that runs along side our property and drive across my back yard.

Fortunately, the tree being dead for years, it was rotten and two guys were able to push it mostly to the side for the five or six cars an hour that go down my dirt road to pass. God forbid the physco mail (rural route) lady can’t drive past it. (She chucks packages from her car window onto the lawn. Doesn’t even attempt to put it near the house.)

Speaking of nuts…
Dog went nuts at all the wind, even though the moronic canine was outside, and decided she wanted to burrow through our doorwall to come inside. I would have let her in on the first bark if I weren’t upstairs on the toilet. Haven’t told hubby yet about the new scratches.

Speaking of Hubby…he’s got broncitis, that son and daughter have fought off for the past week. Me too, but having been sick as a dead cow in December for weeks, what I have is a walk in the park.

Son did not take a nap this afternoon and for the first time since he was born drove me nuts today.Lack of sleep from last night played a large part in my low energy.I know, I know: If kids don’t get “good” attention from mommy, they will try for “bad” attention. Mommy was a little preoccupied with the damn tree in the driveway until the nice men moved it. I tried to hypnotize the small child with Barney, but he’s on to my evil plan.

Trying to decide whether or not to keep up breastfeeding.The baby takes forever to nurse. It’s usually an hour of sitting there while she dawdles. Do this six times a day and it just sucks ( no pun intended) any chance of getting anything done or getting into a rymth of the day. It’s easier with formula as I can prop the bottle up with a blanket and self feed hungry child #2. Maybe I’ll pump for awhile.Hubby supports me either way, but I feel like such a failure if I don’t at least do it for a couple of months.

By the time Hubby got home, I was wilted. Left him with the kids and I did some errands. I feel much better now and it all doesn’t seem so shitty.

[/mindless babble]

If I could have gotten into SD today, I would have never left the house and you would have not had to endure this brain fart.

Today, by 730am, I re-discovered my kitchen counter tops. By 10pm tonight, they will become lost again in a quagmire of papers and the such. For this reason I don’t think I ever want an dining room table.

YIkes Shirl… you had a rough one.

I got tickets to see Amanda Marshall on Easter weekend wooohooo. Bummer. my boss has been moved to a new school at the end of this year, so I’m going to try to find a school closer to home to work at. After seven wonderful years I’ll sure miss working with him. He is awesome.

Have been battling bronchitis all week and finally yesterday my fever broke. Boyo has been an incredible guy this week helping to take care of mom.

Last week I had a friend from just outside of town and a friend from Virginia here. We had a great time and poured her on the plane back to the U.S… She got there safely.

Half day of work for me today and then I’m going to relax and try to get better
BTW Shirley… if you dont get a dining room table, it wont matter hon, all that stuff just finds another really good place to pile up :wink:

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Are you sure it’s April? Could have sworn it was March. This winter’s snow fall had been much lower than normal. First day of spring showed no snow on the ground, the birds singing, the sun shining and the trees budding.

BAMB - it’s been snowing ever since! We received 5 cm on Wednesday, another 5 yesterday and up to 20 cm predicted for tomorrow (oh joy, we get a reprieve today). Fortunately, since I’m not considered to be in the northen part of Ottawa most of our snow will actually be in the form of heavy rain. Sigh, I’m sick, sick I say, of WINTER.

I knew I shouldn’t have taken the ice scrapper out of the car.

This last week couldn’t have been any better.

My company had a cycle count on its inventory, so I didn’t have to work that Saturday, or the scheduled overtime Sunday: I actually had a free Friday evening! I went out and caught Romeo Must Die with my buddy. Had plenty of fun making fun of it.

Saturday: Went out to Galveston Beach and spent the entire day and most of the evening with my date Saw a live band, rode the ferry in the dark, and basically had a blast.

Sunday: Got to spend more time with my close friends, playing cards and just relaxing. I don’t get to spend as much time with my friends as I used to, and I cherish times like this.

Wednesday: Find out there is an employee appreciation lunch being held at the Macaroni Grill. Ate free Italian food.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a week that has rocked like this one.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.