April Foolish Mini-rants

It’s April! It’s been snowing for well over 24 hours now, and the forecasters are barely even guessing when it might end.

I can’t take any more.

Yeah, after a warm February, March was pretty ghastly with cold weather, rain and snow. And today, it’s snowing and blowing with the forecast for the next week notably lacking in warm, dry conditions. So I’m pretty much over winter at this point.

I remember last year, when April was colder than February.

We got a little snow but it’s been mostly sleet and rain. There’s slush all over everything. Plus the wind’s howling at around 40-50mph. I’m just hoping it doesn’t get below freezing.

A few years ago on April Fool’s we got whacked with a nor’easter which dumped around 2 feet of the stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

God I hate April Fools day. Already today I have gotten 4 emails or texts from very sweet, but very credulous people who just don’t think in terms of somebody who would try to make fools off other people, especially major companies. And I have neither the guts nor the subtlety of communication to break it to them without making them feel like fools, So I guess I will be pretending it never happened as usual.

Ha! We’re not credulous, we just wanted to see if you thought we were! Your silence on the subject proves we pranked you! April Fooooools!

–your meta-sneaky not-credulous/not-sweet friends

My BFF who lives in central Arizona told me that it snowed there on Friday. I’m expecting some nasty storms during the hurricane season.

I just want to post that cats are jerks. Smart cats are the worse. Especially when they can tell time. Missy has noticed that 7 minutes after she has jumped into the litter robot, the litter part spins. Not only that, her used cat food has disappeared. Its magic!!!

And because she is a jerk who can tell time, she is now doing other things for 6 minutes, then going to look at the box and then jumping into the very slowly moving machine to dig around at the sifting litter to see where her output has gone.

Or maybe I’m giving her too much credit, but what ever, the robot is designed to stop whenever there is weight added during the cycle and has to be manually reset.

Cats vs engineer: A record time for the usual win for the cats.

.I propose we change the name of “About This Message Board” to “The Fainting Couch”. This is about the third thread of this sort I’ve seen lately.

Marzo ventoso y abril lluvioso hacen a mayo florido y hermoso… windy March and rainy April fill May with beautiful flowers. OK. Got that. But that doesn’t mean you’re required to rain every single day, you asshole of a month!

This is more of a workplace rant, but it’s so slight, I can’t justify putting it in that thread.

My web browser at work continually scrolls back to the top of certain pages, making it very hard to read / enter information. Like, every 5 - 10 seconds.

Dear ESPN,

Please get rid of the stupid strike zone rectangle.

We really don’t need it because the umpire is the one making the call, right or wrong.

And stop using “Exit Velocity” and “Home Run Elevation Angle”.

Hell no. The more that people see just how bad umpires are at calling balls and strikes, the more likely they’ll finally let the computers call it.

And there we have a divide of opinion that will be more durable than Sunnis vs. Shiites, left vs. right, religious vs. atheist, or any other fundamental disagreement you can think of: rely on fallible humans or rely on differently-fallible computers.

The power flickered earlier this afternoon and the carbon monoxide detector has been beeping at intervals ever since. :mad:

It’s also too high for me to reach so I have to wait for my tall roommate to get home so he can fix it. :mad::mad:

Two more hours of madness…

I’ve had that problem with the occasional website. One day my local news site just decided that you had to be at the top of every article. Period. If you scrolled down, within 2-3 seconds it would pop back to the top.

The Red Cross came in a couple of months ago and installed CO detectors in the houses in our neighborhood, and they put the one in our house at a foot off the ground. They said CO is heavier than air and sinks, so the detector works best when it’s low.

According to this, the Red Cross information is incorrect. CO is actually slightly lighter than air.

Damn! They’re forecasting up to 4" of snow for this Friday.

Dear Migraine:
Fuck you.

That will be all.

I hate Cortana :frowning: I use xbox smartglass, but every time I try to use Cortana to start it, it starts Netflix instead, even though the text box it fills is in XBOX. It makes no sense!