Snow on April First? You must be joking!

Looking out my back window I see my yard covered in snow. It is more than a dusting.

I like cooler weather - but Snow in April? :mad:

That happened back in '08 in England - very weird. There was enough to build a snowman in my back yard.

6 to 12 inches expected here today :mad:

Strange for Penn I would say. Up here in the Rockies, April is our second snowiest month next to March. Got a dusting this morning, but it’s supposed to be pretty nice for the next few days.

Happens every few years in Chicago. Back in '75 we got almost 10 inches on April 3rd. I remember it well.
And I just read there was a 3.1 inch snowfall on April 23-24, 1967.

Not unheard of in my parts of the World, we had some last night, but it melted away at once. The first year I lived here (Stockholm) we had snow on 16th May (but that was somewhat late in the year). I have also experienced snow in London on 3rd May.

Snow on May 1st, sure, that’s something that might be considered unusual.

Snow on April 1st, suck it up. It’s barely spring.

It’s not snowing per se here, but I have two feet of snow in my back yard and a huge mound of snow in my front that I dug off the roof, and it looks like it’s still going to be hanging around for a while.

It’s still pretty unusual. But do you remember 4/1/96? We got socked. It was over a foot, IIRC.

Here’s the April Fool’s joke on me:

Sometime during the summer I bought a new pair of shoes. I thought they were pretty decent quality. But by October they were already worn out. I thought of replacing them, but I knew that the winter would be hard on them. Why get new shoes just to have them ruined in a month? So I suffered with what I had. I figured I’d wait until spring to get some. Around January or February, I picked a shoe shopping date that I figured would be safe “no more snow this season” date. That date was April 1st.

The big April 1st storm was in 1997. It was my first year in New England.

You guys remember storms from 14 years ago?

I can’t even remember what it was like last Friday.

It happened out here, but thanks to our magic snow removal machine, which is yellowish and appears in the sky, all 2 inches was gone the next day.

Look, if that means that all our plants are going to continue to bloom profusely, the skies remain clear and our high temps stay right at 71 then I’m sorry but you’re just going to have to get used to it because this simply cannot be allowed to change.

Oh, that’s right. And the next year we had a heat wave.

Leaffan, I certainly don’t remember all of the weather from 14 years ago. But I remember that! I remember walking through a deserted downtown, and seeing hunks of snow and ice 3-4 feet across fall off of skyscrapers and crashing down all around me. That was definitely worth noting.

Last year we had a warm start to the spring. By the end of March the snow was gone, the boots were packed, and the summer tires were coming out.

So, we decided to get an earlier than usual start to the golf league and booked the first game for Tuesday, April 27. After six weeks of sun and spring, guess what happened on April 27?

Yep. An inch of snow and below zero temperatures for most of the day. Some dates do indeed stand out in your mind.

We got about ten inches overnight here in Maine, and it’s still snowing. I’m annoyed.

The Blizzard of '78 is still pretty well remembered. The April’s Fools storm is much more recent. And I remember the May 9th storm pretty well, that one stands out since that’s my brother’s birthday and the first storm that year fell on my birthday in October.

What year was the May 9th storm?

I’m having a Vicar of Dibley moment!


I’m thinking late 70’s as well. It didn’t snow enough in Boston to register as an official storm so it may have been just light flurries. Memory may be playing tricks on me, but I’m pretty sure there was some snowfall that day.