Mundane Hotmail Question: Losta e-mail I wanna forward to myself.

Anybody ever see anything on Hotmail that’ll let you forward a bunch of e-mails at once?

Here’s the scoop: Over the past few years, I’ve gotten great ideas. Everything from my Automatic Dog Walker to my almost patented Do-It-Yourself 3rd World Coup D’Etat Kit®. So, every great idea I get, I usually forward it to my Hotmail address so’s I can follow up on it later.

Now, I see with the new Hotmail limits, my great ideas are piling up. I wanted to forward them to another account so I can save them in one file, and download them to my computer and save 'em for a rainy day - thus clearing my Hotmail account of that pesky limit.

Anyway, is there a way to “mass forward” say, 350+ e-mails at once, or am I stuck doing it one by one?

Plenty of ideas. Not a whole lotta free time. . .

i don’t think so. it seems like one by one is the only way to go. you could cut and paste your fowarding name to save a bit of time.

How about just copying and pasting the text of each e-mail into a Word document?

WOW! Great idea! I knew I kept you guys around for a reason. . . :smack:

Now if you SOBs would quit drinkin’ all my beer…

MS Outlook (shudder) and some other email progs have the ability to download mail from a Hotmail account. Hopefully en masse and then you can do stuff locally with them.

If anybody knows a good email program that can download from Hotmail, please let us know.

Outlook Express lets you do this. You can set it up to check your Hotmail (or MSN) account. If you got IE, you got OE, so it’s probaby your best option.