Question about retrieving hotmail using Outlook Express

I have just started retrieving my Hotmail messages using Outlook Express and I was hoping someone would be able to clear up a point.

I am currently near the limit of my hotmail inbox and I was hoping that I could download my mail and delete it from Hotmail. If I do this, will the mail still be available to OE, and will i be able to move/save/delete/print it?

If not, does anyone know a way to save hotmail e-mails so that i can delete them from my account, but not lose the messages forever?

Thanks in advance for any help


You can move mail off of Hotmail and onto your hard drive via Outlook Express. Just set up a folder (or simply use the Inbox) and drag the messages there. Note, these messages will no longer be in your Hotmail account, so you cannot check them from another computer

Aha, I think I have figured it out.

I have set up OE to download my hotmail messages, but it downloads them to a hotmail folder which OE has set up. I ahve then set up my own folder for all the mails I want to keep, which I then dragged from the hotmail folder to my folder.

I was a little confused as to where to drag them from, it would not let me drag them from the IE window which I had hotmail open in.


In other words, Outlook Express lets you download a copy of your Hotmail, while keeping the original on the server. By dragging it out of Outlook Express’s Hotmail folder, into a folder on your hard drive, you are effectively deleting it from Hotmail.

One thing to watch out for is that you need to make sure you empty your deleted items folder in Hotmail when you finish, or else (I think) Hotmail will still count that space against you.

You cannot delete from the deleted folder manually. It is emptied periodically and whatever is there does not count towards your allowance.

Strange, I’ve always been able to delete from the deleted folder, even though I know it says you can’t. As for the other thing, I got my Bulk Mail confused with my Deleted Items. Thanks Sailor.