Muppet Show: Who was in the operating room sketch?

You remember the operating room sketch. Rowlf the Dog was the head surgeon, one of the nurses was Janice…but who was the other one? I don’t even remember if it was a male or female Muppet. Was it Scooter?

Thanks in advance!

Miss Piggy was the other nurse. This had some mild significance during a Muppet Awards show because “Veterinarian’s Hospital (the continuing stoooory of a quack who’s gone to the dogs)” and “Pigs in Space” were nominated, both featuring Miss Piggy. Tragically, the judges (three rats), elected to not to give that particular award. Miss Piggy was incensed.

I also know Star Trek and Simpsons trivia. mmmHEY, GLAVIN!

I see! Thank you.

I’m not taking my clothes off for anybody, even if it is “artisitc.”


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Just for the record, I was really mad when they changed it to “an orthopedic surgeon who’s gone to the dogs”