Muscle spasms

For about three days now I have had this periodic twitch (spasm, ect.) in my right eye-lid. Aside from being annoying, (and freaking out anyone who happens to be talking to me when it happens)it doesn’t hurt or anything. Does anyone know what causes this ? I will admit to having a very stressful week - could that enter into it ? Even more importantly, does anyone know how to stop it ?


Pending input from our resident Neurologist, I will venture a guess. A twitch such as you describe is a fairly common ailment, probably related to your stressful week but not necessarily so. You could be overdosed on vitamin supplements or caffeine. If you have just changed the dosage of a medication or vitamin supplement, drop it back. The problem should resolve itself after a few drinks or a few days. If it continues, you should seek medical attention. Involuntary muscle spasms can indicate something more serious or an undiagnosed disease.

I’d tell you all about muscle spasms and what they mean, but I’d get laughed off the board and have to leave in shame for thinking unconventionally.

I used to get muscle twitches in my eyelids from time to time. I found that taking a magnesium supplement (100% of the RDA)and vitamin B6 supplement (500% of the RDA) every day for several days seems to help. As I recall, it took only overnight to take effect, but it came back when I didn’t continue with the supplements. The effect could have been coincidence, I admit. I take magnesium about once a week now and haven’t had the problem for years.

Great. Well now that I am scared to death . . . does anyone else (and thanks for the tip Biblio, I’ll give it a shot) have some input on this topic ? This condition is really starting to drive me nuts.

I had something like this way back when, and it turned out to be… absolutely nothing. On the other hand, they had to do a cranial CAT scan to determine that, so presumably, it could have been something. Best that you ask your doctor.

This sort of thing happens to me if I am not getting enough quality sleep. I hate to sleep (as you can tell from the time of this post), so whenever my eyelid starts twitching, I throttle back and try to get some rest. Works every time.

The first time this happened to me was in high school, the morning after my first all-nighter. I get eyelid twitches (not constant, but regular, and throughout the day) anytime my sleep deprivation and/or stress levels get too high. Before running to the doctor, I would suggest doing what you can to alleviate your stress and getting a couple solid nights of sleep. If that doesn’t help matters, a visit to your doctor might be in order.

I get random twitches all over my body. My feet, my legs, my jaw, my arms. A sudden, individual and violent twitch. Not constantly, but several times a day.

They’re minor enough that only one person has noticed: my girlfriend, and then only from when we’re in bed spooning together, with most of my body in contact with most of hers.

Previous girlfriends never noticed, so I wonder if they’ve gotten worse in the past half-year. Should I be concerned? Could I have MS or lupus or something like that?