Mushrooms like homer

well hi i m in amsterdam flying pig downtown i wasnt going to do this but i found a pc i could use so i did like that homer dude ages ago i saved that thread it was so damn funny im sposed to have 20 mins but ill have forever its a stoner hostel seroious they wont mind PARTY! uh yeah macy gray so how are you?

Thus we have another reason why the fall of the Dutch government was inevitable. Flying pig downtowns indeed.

i dont want to reply thsat weas me oh no this macy gray flyin rounf my heaf i cant type theres a chillout bit ill go there maybe next yrear ohh the music hey i never made a name for myself before maybe i will now huh? uh straight DOPE yeah i had some the music keeps slowing down and speeding up theres a banjo oh wpow uh ubhhbhjbh nb nb get down ! come to the flying pig serious guy waah! did iu post in the right plac3 i dont think that hands? my righ hand side yeagh iyts nasty my lips ar long its not making sense but to my right serious i ts cold i think i have to CHILL scootert no got distracted to my right its scary like grey ther keyboard

nuh uh! the hostel is the flying pig oh my hand its melt people asking if im alright but are they i dont want to use the mouse its the scary side dude just like in films it stttrrrrrreeeeeeerrrrrrrcccccccccccchheeeeeezzzzzz awawy


Sick and sad.

Also, misspelled. :wally

Ah, Amsterdam.

I remember it well. Okay, maybe not “well”, but better than this person will…