Ramblor the Magnificent

This is a thread about nothing. Y’know, like Seinfeld? But Seinfeld was really about a passel of assholes living in NYC and trying against all odds to not end up rambling lunatics on the streets, as has happened to so many of our brightest young minds. OK, maybe not, but it’s happened to a few Dopers, and that’s what really matters. Mohammadean angels, staggering drunkenly on buildings, wondering whether they will get called up for special duty, as bored as I am right now writing this post of a thread nobody will read.

I’m listening to Mason Williams with Mannheim Steamroller, that Classical Gas album with the guitar on the front being topped off by a fuel pump. One of the early CDs, from the 1980s (near as I can tell from various copyright dates, not that it’s easy to judge exactly when music or movies came out by looking at boxes anyway), bought in Omaha, Nebraska, a nice town by any standards. Right by Council Bluffs, a nice little community, and near the Mighty Missouri, which is really the longest river in the world as the Mississippi flows into it at St. Louis, not the other way around. St. Louis is a nice city, too, but too hot and humid for my tastes. I prefer Chicago, pig butcher to the nation, broad-backed Midwestern town, over its more southern counterparts in Missouri and Arkansas. Diesel fumes always remind me of Chicago, because when I was young my family took me there and we went to see museums and the tour busses shuttling around the other tourists from who knows where, perhaps even foreign countries, always emitted the diesel stench. But it’s not that bad to me, because I like Chicago.

It’s really cold here. 1F, or -17C, or something far away from 0K. An Arctic air mass is moving in, asserting itself boldly and broadly like a syndicate moving up from the ghettos to the jungles of the midtown life. It’s snowing, too, which is odd for it being so cold. As I’ve ranted before, snow usually means it isn’t going to be that cold. Unless it bloody well is.

Ramble here.