Music for self-indulgent/mopey teens

OK now, when you were a teen you sat in your room and moped. Either hating yourself, or hating the rest of the universe because they didn’t understand how you were the greatest thing and they were all a bunch of jerks.

And while you did this, you listened to music.
So, let us now compile the ultimate compilation of mopey teen angst music.

Some of my favorites

Another Brick in the Wall Pink Floyd (actually the entire album)

The Angry Young Man Billy Joel

I Started a Joke the Brothers Gibb

Nowhere Man The Beatles

Iron Man (now my mind is blanking on who sang Iron Man, BOC?)

The Trees Rush

He Knew Kansas

Stary Stary Night Don McLean

So what songs did you mope to?

Not favorites of mine, but they fit:

“I Am a Rock” - Simon and Garfunkel
“In My Room” - The Beach Boys
Anything by Nirvana and Pearl Jam

Drat, I thought I could be the first to post “I am a Rock”. It’s the ultimate self-indulgent mope-out song.

“Alone Again - Naturally” might fit the criteria.

“The First Cut Is the Deepest.” Great song, but geez freakin’ louise, talk about self-pity!

Girl division: Lots and lots of Joni Mitchell (hides recently-purchased CD of Blue).

“At Seventeen”–is that Carly Simon? Anyway, that was a good self-pitying song I loved.

Now while I’m separated, and probably headed for divorce, I’m enjoying Poe and Alanis.

“Yer Blues” by the Beatles

“Sitting On My Sofa” by the Kinks

Gilbert & Sullivan.
I wasn’t all that mopey.

“In the Garage” by Weezer (and probably most of the Weezer catalog)

  • Black Sabbath*

I listened to whole albums when I was feeling angst-y:

Quadraphenia-The Who

Emerson, Lake and Palmer-* ELP*

Brain Salad Surgery-* ELP*.

Get Your Wings-* Aerosmith*.

Tales of Mystery and Suspense-* Alan Parsons Project*

I think it’s Janis Ian.

Janis Ian that is.
Anything by The Smiths, especially “There is a Light That Never Goes Out.”
When I was a mopey teen, it was Berlin, the entire album, by Lou Reed.

The Cure - Disintergration

Pretty much the entirety of The Grand Illusion (Styx).

And Leftoverture (Kansas).

Are we exactly the same age?

Anything Depeche Mode or Staind.

“Eighteen” by Alice Cooper.

“Queer” by Garbage.

“Teenager” by Better Than Ezra.

“Down in a Hole” by Alice in Chains.

Dang…Poe, Portishead…the 90’s had lots of mopey teen angst/rock.

Yep, Janis Ian and “At Seventeen”. One of my old faves from my “mope and cry” era. I was a depressed teen back in the early Nineties, but instead of listening to the typical Music of Disgruntled Youth I turned to the lite rock station. If you’re feeling lonely and unloved, extremely sappy love songs are a teen masochist’s dream. There is NOTHING more depressing and overwrought, not even a Morrissey album.

I recently heard Morrissey for the first time and wished I’d known about it when I was younger. It’s hilarious! How can you listen to something like “The World Is Full of Crashing Bores” without feeling less alone and more like continuing to live?

Violent Femmes, of course.


The follow-up to Tales of Mystery and Imagination? :smiley:

For me-
The whole double-CD “This Is the Moody Blues” with special focus on
For My Lady
Tuesday Afternoon
and of course Nights in White Satin.

In college-
Alan Parsons Project’s Old and Wise from Eye in the Sky.
Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here
a LOT of Kate Bush, esp The Man With the Child In His Eyes (she was singing it about me, you know).

Am I the only one who, when he feels angst-y (I’m still a teenager, by the way), wants to get over it, and so listens to cheerful music?

The Simpsons said it best: Making teenagers depressed is like shooting fish in a barrel. The music playing at the time: Zero by the Smashing Pumpkins.